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Pizza By The Slice

At Patty’s Pizza by the Slice, each piece of pizza is a work of art and made to order.  Design some scrumptious looking pizza slices when you play this fun food game.  Click on the tabs along the top of the game screen to layer sauce, toppings and seasonings.  Yum, yum!

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Shopping Doll Dress Up

Megan loves clothes and shopping.  Today she is going on a wonderful shopping extravaganza at the mall!  Would you like to come along and help her decide which outfits to buy?  You can click on the tabs to try out different dresses, tops, bottoms, jewelry and hairstyles.  At the end of the day, Megan will […]

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Wedding Adventure

Tom and Mary are going to get married but they want to make it a wedding adventure.  Before the adventure can start, Mary needs to pick her wedding outfit.  Can you help her decide which beautiful dress and accessories to wear to her wedding adventure?  Click on the icons in each category until you find […]

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Teddy Summer Dress-up

What will Teddy wear to the beach today?  You decide when you play this cute and funny game.  There are five categories to play with and create a fun beach look for Teddy.  How about a little bling for his neck, a pair of swim trunks and a goofy hat?  Or maybe a snorkeling mask […]

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Rock And Roll

Emma is going to be a famous rock star and she wants to make sure her style lives up to rock and roll standards.  Click on the icons in each category to mix and match sequin tops with ripped jeans, pencil skirts with satin tops or a killer dress with super cool accessories.  With rock […]

Thumbnail image for 2013 Bob Hair Trends

2013 Bob Hair Trends

Jessica is all about the bob!  She loves to experiment with all kinds of wild colors and crazy styles.  Click to play with Jessica’s hair and create truly unique hairdos that she will love!  After you fix her hair, you can do her makeup and find some cool accessories to wear.  Spend a fun afternoon […]

Thumbnail image for Donna Summer Dress Up

Donna Summer Dress Up

Donna is fast becoming a popular fashion blogger on the internet. A lot of girls look up to her for her individualistic style and quirky accessories. Since summer is here Donna is researching new summer styles she could write about. Can you brainstorm with her for a new summer look? Enjoy!

Thumbnail image for Love Prints Dress Up

Love Prints Dress Up

She is in love and she wants to tell the world! This cute girl has finally met the love of her life and she is eager now to refresh her entire wardrobe with the cutest outfits in the world.   Won’t you join her and have a great time playing dress up?  Click the menu buttons, […]

Thumbnail image for Milky Chocolate Manicure

Milky Chocolate Manicure

Design nails that are good enough to eat!  In this tasty manicure game, you will get to scrub and polish then decorate a lovely set of nails.  Use your mouse to pick awesome colors, wild airbrush designs, some delicious looking jewelry and glamorous body art.  There are so many fun and yummy styles you will […]

Thumbnail image for Swimsuit Dress Up

Swimsuit Dress Up

Play this dress up game because it is perfect for a wonderful summer day at the beach.  There is tons to do, so you may have to play multiple times.  Each of the numbers across the top is a different menu that controls a different aspect of the model.  You can create a hairstyle, change […]

Thumbnail image for Monster Bride

Monster Bride

This Halloween Martha will be marching down the isle with her beloved monster.  They will live happily ever after in a cave and raise a happy little monster family together.  You can get Martha ready for her big day by picking out her wedding ensemble.  Click on each category to change her hair, dress, shoes, […]

Thumbnail image for Fashion Week Dressup

Fashion Week Dressup

Usher in the new season with the latest trends and the absolute must have clothes and accessories. Explore the endless wardrobe possibilities and help this model look her best when you play.  There is make-up to do, accessories to choose and outfits to design.  Drag and drop or click to get this model ready for […]

Thumbnail image for Girls And Pets

Girls And Pets

Sophie and Flash love to play at the park.   They put on their cutest outfits, grab their favorite toys and play until they fall asleep in the shade of a big oak tree.  You can dress them up for another fun day at the park when you play this cute game.  There are hairstyles, accessories, […]

Thumbnail image for Strawberries and Cake

Strawberries and Cake

One of my favorite desserts is cake with strawberries.  In this fun game you get to decorate a delicious cake and cover it with all the sprinkles, ice cream and strawberries that you want!  Click on each icon until you find the right combination of cake, frosting and toppings for your perfect dessert!

Thumbnail image for Wind And Sun Dress

Wind And Sun Dress

Play this magical dress up game and choose dresses inspired by the elements.  Dress our lovely goddess in something that captures her true beauty.  Drag and drop the dresses and accessories creating wonderful combinations, fit for a goddess to wear.

Thumbnail image for Akilina Makeover

Akilina Makeover

Welcome to another Monster High girl game.  Akilina has a party tonight and she wants to surprise everyone with a new hairstyle and some wild makeup.  She also needs a wicked outfit, so choose the dress you like the most, some killer shoes and the right accessories.  Just use your mouse to get her ready […]

Thumbnail image for Surfing Weekend Dressup

Surfing Weekend Dressup

This is the place surfers come to catch some waves and Mona, a professional surfer, has come for an unforgettable weekend!  Whether she is just taking a dip in the ocean or riding some monster waves, Mona wants to look her best.  Will you keep her styled and ready for the beach?  Click on the […]

Thumbnail image for Trendy Color Makeover

Trendy Color Makeover

It is Lana’s birthday and she is going to have a trendy make over to celebrate!  Be the stylist in this fun makeover game.  First, give Lana a facial to make her skin glow.  Next do her makeup, choose a hairstyle and pick a cute dress.  Lana is going to look so pretty on her […]