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Hearts Wedding

Joseph and Jackie are getting married!  I know, I thought they would never get married too!  As the big day draws near, Jackie needs all your help picking the perfect gown.  There are only a few days left and she has narrowed down her options to a select few.  Will you please help her make […]

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Flower Power Wedding Dress Up

Let natural beauty shine through for this lucky bride.  Choose from the great selection of simple and elegant items.  Just drag and drop the different gowns, bouquets, veils, and accessories to create beautiful wedding styles.  Hopefully you will design your dream wedding look for the day you march down the isle.

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Charming Bride Makeover

Every girl dreams of her wedding.  A day filled with romance and love as well as pretty dresses and handsome husbands.  Play this fun bridal game and help prepare this beautiful bride for her wedding day.  Start with some beauty rituals and then move on to make up and dresses and jewelry.  There are lots […]

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Beautiful Wedding

Weddings are special occasions that take a lot of planning.  There are guest lists and menus and music to coordinate, just to name a few.   You can have the fun job of styling this blushing bride for her wedding when you play this fun game.  Choose her hairstyle, gown, bouquet, and lots of other […]

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Beach Sunset Wedding Dress Up

This bride needs your help to get ready for the wedding of her dreams.  The beach at sunset is the perfect location to have a fairy tale wedding.  All that she needs now is to design a beautiful wedding ensemble.  You can join in the excitement by using your mouse to try on different dresses, […]

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Goth Wedding

Luna has met the man of her dreams and they are to be wed.  She has dreamed of a big wedding with a Gothic theme since she was a little girl.  Help her choose something that is dark, romantic, and mysterious for her special day.  Use your mouse to try on items in each category […]

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Wedding Make Up

Rhiana is preparing for her wedding ceremony. It’s the most important day of her life, so she needs your help to look like a princess today.  Please help her do her makeup, style her hair, and choose a great nail color.  Make sure she looks gorgeous when she walks down the aisle!  Use your mouse […]

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Attending a Wedding

Alexa is going to a fancy wedding.  Since she trusts your super fashion sense, she has asked you to help her create a great outfit.  Click on the buttons in each category to find the right combination for the special event.  With all the romance in the air, Alexa wants to look her best in […]

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Gorgeous Bride Dress Up

Mary has been planning her wedding for a very long time and she wants it to be absolutely perfect. Help create a perfect wedding by finding her the perfect dress! Pick out your favorite wedding dress for her to wear on her big day. Once you’ve found a dress, be sure to find matching accessories […]

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Hot Style Wedding Dresses

Karen wants a wedding dress that is very fashion forward. To her, this means wearing a colored dress on her wedding day! Pick out your favorite dress that you think she should wear. Find matching shoes and jewelry so the look is complete. This is a very important day for her, so she wants to […]

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Teen Bride

Penelope has found the man of her dreams and she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. She is preparing for her wedding and needs your help doing her hair, makeup, and picking the gown! Choose your favorite dress and accessories that she will wear while she’s getting married. She is very […]

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Royal Princess Wedding

This princess is preparing for a beautiful romantic wedding. Help her create the wedding of her dreams! Make her wedding perfect by choosing the perfect outfit. There are so many different combinations, and she can’t decide what to wear! She needs your help picking something out. Design her wedding outfit however you like. It’s up […]

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Savage Love

Who knew barbarians could fall in love? These two barbarians are deeply in love, and plan to get married soon. Dress and accessorize each one however you like. They are going out on a date together and they both want to impress the other! Pick out outfits that will make each of them look their […]

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Happy Wedding

This cutie is finally getting married! She’s ben waiting for this day for months, so she wants it to be absolutely perfect! Put together a stunning outfit for her to wear on her wedding day. Add hair accessories, jewelry, and much more to complete the outfit. If you can find her the perfect outfit, her […]

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Wedding Dress Up

This wedding doll looks great in all kinds of wedding dresses! Pick out your favorite wedding outfit for this doll to wear. The most important part of a bride’s outfit is the dress! Pick out a beautiful dress for this doll to wear. When you’ve picked your favorite dress, find shoes and accessories to match […]

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Mermaid Bride

Help this mermaid’s dream wedding come true. She wants a complete makeover before her wedding day. Customize every part of her however you want. She’ll love her wonderful makeover when you’re done with her. Use your mouse to browse through the options of clothing, jewelry, fins, and much more! Her wedding will be better than […]

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City Wedding Dress Up

This bride and groom are getting ready for their city wedding! Dress each of them in what they’re going to get married in. The bride wants to look beautiful and the groom wants to look handsome! Pick out your favorite outfits for the both of them. You are going to help make their big day […]

Thumbnail image for Fashionista Wedding Dress Up

Fashionista Wedding Dress Up

Julia is having a very expensive wedding! It is going to cost a lot of money, and everything is going to be perfect. Right now Julia is planning the dress and accessories she wants to wear to the wedding. Help her shop for and pick out a beautiful wedding dress that will look stunning on […]