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Amazing Seaside Wedding

The beautiful girl we have here is going to have such a wonderful experience because right now she is getting ready for her amazing seaside wedding!  Let’s give her a helping hand!  First of all she will need a profound facial treatment, then you can do her makeup and then pick a dress.   Use the […]

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Marriage Proposal

Every girl dreams about that moment.  When someone you love puts a ring on your finger and asks you to be with them for the rest of their life.  It is such a romantic time and in this great dress up game, you can be a part of the romance.  You can pick a stylish […]

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Wedding Adventure

Tom and Mary are going to get married but they want to make it a wedding adventure.  Before the adventure can start, Mary needs to pick her wedding outfit.  Can you help her decide which beautiful dress and accessories to wear to her wedding adventure?  Click on the icons in each category until you find […]

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Monster Bride

This Halloween Martha will be marching down the isle with her beloved monster.  They will live happily ever after in a cave and raise a happy little monster family together.  You can get Martha ready for her big day by picking out her wedding ensemble.  Click on each category to change her hair, dress, shoes, […]

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My Sweet Wedding Cake

A romantic and sweet wedding is the dream of every young girl.  Use your mouse to decorate a beautiful cake to create an atmosphere of romance and sweetness.  There are two tiers to decorate with icing, flowers, and a bride and groom.  Click on category tabs to pick your favorite combinations and design the perfect […]

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Black Wedding

Rabello does not like to follow the rules.  For example, she is getting married and has decided to wear black!  Join Rabello as she goes shopping for her perfect, black, wedding ensemble.  She will need everything.  A gown, some shoes, a veil, gloves, jewelry, and a tiara.  Will you help her pick the perfect wedding […]

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Princess Bride Reunion

Irene wants to look extra special when she is reunited with her long lost love.  You can help her make everything fairy tale perfect for the big event.  Show Irene how stunning she can be in the perfect gown, a sparkling tiara, and a gorgeous veil by clicking on the tabs.  Scroll through the other […]

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Candle Wedding

Kate and Karol are going to tie the knot today.  As part of their romantic ceremony, they will both light a candle to symbolize their love for each other.  They have been so busy practicing their candle lighting that they have not had time to pick out their wedding clothes!  Can you help them both […]

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Halloween Wedding

This little goth bride doesn’t look too excited about her upcoming Halloween wedding.  Maybe you can help cheer her up.  Click on the buttons in each category to design a perfectly dreadful wedding ensemble to suit her tastes.  That should cheer her right up.  Don’t ya think?

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Mermaid Wedding

You are invited to a mermaid wedding!  Mermaid weddings are not quite the same as human weddings so you are very excited.  Come look at all the beautiful mermaid wedding fashion when you play this game.  Help the bride choose a beautiful ensemble for her big day!  Click on the tabs to see all of […]

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Victorian Wedding

Amberlee is a gal who likes history. All through college she studied different time periods and her favorite by far was the Victorian era.  So she has decided to get married in the Victorian style. She seeks your help to dress her up in a beautiful gown inspired by Victorian fashion. Click on the menu […]

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Anime Bride

Kara is a beautiful anime girl and she is going to get married.  Wouldn’t you just love to come and dress her up for her big day?  Try on long and short dresses, pick a romantic bouquet of flowers, and so much more!  With your help she will be the most beautiful anime bride in […]

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Beautiful Wedding DressUp

Welcome to the wedding of the century! In this game you can be creative and design the greatest wedding of all time.  Click and pick a gorgeous dress, a fabulous hair-do, and all the other accessories that make the most fantastic wedding ensemble! Create dozens of beautiful brides and share them with your friends.

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Vintage Wedding

Carolyn has opted for a vintage style wedding.  She has always enjoyed the fashion from days gone past.  Can you help her rummage through her grandmother’s closet to find a dress, shoes, and gloves for her big day?  You can also choose a hairdo, bouquet, and tiara for the finishing touches.  With your help, she […]

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Glam Bride

Susan is a glam girl and her wedding is scheduled for this week.  Help her glam to the max when you play this fun dress up game!  Click on each menu tab until you find the most glamorous, most elaborate outfit you can.  Match gloves, veils, and tiaras with totally awesome dresses and shoes.  With […]

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Bride and Groom Point Dress Up

Kenan Doğulu and Beren Saat are planning their wedding.  Will you help them find coordinating outfits for their special day?  There are so many suits and dresses to try on that they need some one like you to help them choose which ones look best together.  Then there are also decisions to make about which […]

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Ornate Wedding Cake

Pretend that you are a famous wedding cake designer.  Lots of excited couples come to your cake shop in search of their perfect wedding cake.  Everyday you make ready to buy cakes for last minute shoppers and fill orders for upcoming events.  Use your mouse to design all the cakes you need for the day.  […]

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Most Beautiful Winter Bride

In early winter, there is a girl getting married. She has spent lot of time looking at wedding dresses.  She hopes that she will find the most beautiful wedding dress so that on her wedding day she will be the most beautiful bride in the world.  The wedding is in two days but she still […]