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College Queen

Olivia is about to graduate from college and she feels like a queen.   After four fun years of hard work, she is both nervous and excited.  To help her transition from college student to young professional, she is going shopping to find some clothes that are suitable for work.  Help her find some fun styles […]

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Baby Circus Elephant

Nothing is cuter than a baby elephant! This little elephant is going to grow up in the circus and learn to do many tricks. For now, his job is to look cute! Dress this baby elephant up in little clothes and accessories that will make him look adorable! Everyone will want to take this little […]

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Tomoko needs help finding and outfit for a party that she is going to tonight! It is a costume party, so help her pick something out that will look like a costume. Dress her in your favorite outfit of hers. She wants to look fabulous as this party tonight! Help her out by picking accessories […]

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Design School Bus

Have fun designing this unique school bus! There is no other school bus like this in town! This school bus looks different than all the others. Use your mouse to create this school bus to look however you like. Click on a category of parts, and click the left and right arrows on the screen […]

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Fantasy Animal Girl

Life has been found on another planet! These species are totally different. Create each fantasy character here! These characters are each half animal, half girl. Pick a hair color, accessories, a shirt, and an animal to create these aliens. Click on the buttons on the right hand side to browse through the options. When you’ve […]

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Puppy Rabbit

Your family just got a new pet rabbit! Everyone loves your rabbit because it is adorable! Dress your rabbit up so that when people come to visit, it looks extra cute. It loves being dressed up, so it will be fun for both of you! Give your rabbit an outfit, a necklace, gloves and more […]

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The Widow

This woman has lost someone very dear to her. She is so upset that she doesn’t even have the energy to get ready for the funeral. Dress her in something formal for her to wear to this important day. Try and make her look as pretty as you can, it might help her feel better! […]

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Metro Ninja Dressup

Dress this crazy ninja today. He wears crazy clothes so it doesn’t matter what you dress him in! You can make him look nice or you can make him look weird. Drag and drop clothes on top of him to put him in the clothes. He’s been doing marshal arts for a long time and […]

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My Little Horse

This is a unique horse, it is different than all the rest of the horses. This horse is pink! This is your horse and today you have a big contest to win! Dress your horse for the contest and hopefully it will win! You will win if you have the cutest horse of them all. […]

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Scuba Couple

Kacey and Marvin were bored and weren’t sure what to do today. They decided to do something new today! Today they’re going scuba diving together. They both love the ocean. They’ve always wanted to go scuba diving, so now they are going to go together! Kacey and Marvin never knew how beautiful it was under water. […]

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Lovely Puppy Dress Up

Having a puppy can be a lot of fun! If you’ve always wanted to have a puppy you can dress up, try this game out! Isn’t this puppy adorable?  This puppy loves being dressed up and played with. This cute puppy wants you to dress her up and take her out! Click on the buttons […]

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Lonely Mermaid Dress Up

This mermaid is really lonely because she’s very shy. She is a quiet mermaid who is afraid to speak up. If you give her a makeover, it might help her confidence! Give her a complete makeover so she can have the confidence to make as many friends as she wants. After your makeover, she’ll go […]

Thumbnail image for Jon Joebas Dress Up

Jon Joebas Dress Up

Jon is going to a crazy rock concert tonight! All of his friends are going as well. Jon has been waiting for this concert for a really long time, so he is planning on having a great night! Jon has one problem, he doesn’t know what to wear. Can you help Jon find something he […]

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Cute Babies Dress Up

These cute babies are having their photos taken for family pictures and need to look adorable! Pick out their outfits and more to make them look as cute as they can. They need to be picture perfect!

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Get Married Test

Want to find out when you’ll get married? Take this quick quiz! Choose between the two pictures and at the end there will be a guess on when you’ll be married!

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Easter Chocolate Bunnies 3D

Decorate a chocolate dessert Easter basket with a bunch of hopping 3D chocolate bunnies! These bunnies are cute so make their bed nice and comfortable.

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Generator Rex

Meet Generator Rex, a cool teenager who has the ability to turn his body into amazing machines! Dress him up in some cool clothes and give him the accessories he needs to fight off monsters!

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Toto in the Garden

Toto, the adorable puppy, is in the garden today. Dress it up to make it look even cuter. When you’re done take a picture to capture this adorable moment!