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Surfing Weekend Dressup

This is the place surfers come to catch some waves and Mona, a professional surfer, has come for an unforgettable weekend!  Whether she is just taking a dip in the ocean or riding some monster waves, Mona wants to look her best.  Will you keep her styled and ready for the beach?  Click on the […]

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Hottest Soccer Player

Kyle is the school’s star soccer player and girls just love him.  What’s not to love?  He is smart, athletic, and really funny.  Plus, there’s a rumor that he can make killer grilled cheeses!  Play this fun game where you can dress Kyle up in all of his dreamiest looks.  Will he be ready for […]

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Snow Challenge

Corinne is a sporty gal and loves all sports no matter what the season is.  Today you can find her climbing this snowy mountain and she needs your help to gear up for her big adventure.  Be sure to dress her in warm clothes, give her a protective helmet, and a backpack full of essential […]

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Belly Beauty

Gwendolyn is a great belly dancer.  She likes to belly dance because it is fun and she gets to wear beautiful costumes.   For her next performance, she has asked you to help her pick something to wear.  There are colorful dresses, beaded tops, and flowing skirts.  Make your favorite combinations by clicking on the […]

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Pirate Lolita

Lolita is a fearless pirate who spends her days sailing the seven seas.  When she is not outwitting other pirates, making merriment, or avoiding the law, you can find her playing dress up in her quarters.  Find a swashbuckling outfit for her as she leads her crew into untold adventure, escaping danger and living to […]

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Zumba Dance

Dorothy is an expert in Zumba dance.  She teaches lots of people how to Zumba everyday and it is so much fun.  You can dress Dorothy up for work today.  It is important to remember that she has to wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to dance in.  Can you find an outfit for […]

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Sea Surf Fashion

This surfer girl is catching some waves with a bunch of her friends.  You can get her dressed for a day of riding the waves by playing this game.  Click on the menu tabs until you find the your favorite wet suit, bikini, surf board, and more.  A great day starts with the right clothes […]

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Biker Rockstar

This biker babe can’t ride in her underwear!  It’s not safe and it is probably against the law.  Pick an outfit for her to wear that will protect her from road rash and make her look great.  There’s no reason to sacrifice good looks for safety.  There are lots of cool clothes to choose from.  […]

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Ballerina Dressup Game

Ballerinas are pretty and they dance pretty too.  I want to be a ballerina when I grow up, so I play this game all the time.  I can change her tutu and her top and her hair and her shoes.  All I have to do is click on the buttons to change her clothes.  It […]

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Fashion Tennis Girl

Tennis is a fun sport and you get great exercise when you play.  But what is best about tennis is all the cute clothes that you can wear on the courts.  Have fun helping this young player pick an outfit for the big match.  Use your mouse and click on the menu buttons to scroll […]