Thumbnail image for Snow Fairy

Snow Fairy

Livian is a snow fairy who loves the snow and the winter more than anything else in the world. Before she leaves for her quests, help her find a fairy outfit for her to wear. She is beautiful and she wants a fairy make over that will make her even more beautiful! She will complete […]

Thumbnail image for Eugenie Dress Up

Eugenie Dress Up

Brr! It’s cold outside! Dress Eugenie for the winter months. Take a look through her wardrobe and choose your favorite pieces.

Thumbnail image for Snow Ski Collection

Snow Ski Collection

Ready to go skiing? Help Courtney get ready! She has a huge collection of clothes and skiis that you can dress her with.

Thumbnail image for Lovely Girl

Lovely Girl

This lovely girl is out to feed the reindeer. She made them cake! Dress her appropriately for going outside in the snow and help her feed the reindeer.

Thumbnail image for Funny Girl

Funny Girl

It’s a chilly winter day & this funny girl wants something that will keep her warm. Pick out a special outfit for the snow and do her hair the way you like best!

Thumbnail image for Anchorwoman


Dress this anchorwoman up so she looks good on live television! You can even pick what you want the weather to be like outside.

Thumbnail image for Happy Winter Pinic

Happy Winter Pinic

Dress these adorable girls up for a day in the snow. Make sure they are warm, it’s cold outside!

Thumbnail image for Santa’s Little Lady Dressup

Santa’s Little Lady Dressup

Another girl wants to dress up for Christmas! Can you believe it? Once again pick out your favorite outfit so that all the girls can look good for the holidays.

Thumbnail image for Snowman Dress Up

Snowman Dress Up

This snowman is already built, but he is not dressed! Dress this cute snowman up as if he was really in your front yard!

Thumbnail image for Little Elf Emmy Dressup

Little Elf Emmy Dressup

Dress up Emmy in cute Christmas outfit for the holidays. Click to pick out different dresses and accessories. With your help she will look stunning for the holiday season!

Thumbnail image for Santa’s Little Elf Dress Up

Santa’s Little Elf Dress Up

This pretty lady wants to be dressed up as an elf for the holidays! Pick out your favorite elf outfit for her to wear around Christmas time.

Thumbnail image for Rachele Winter Dress Up

Rachele Winter Dress Up

This winter weather is really chilly! Dress Rachele up for the cold winter in the latest winter trends.

Thumbnail image for Skiing Girl Fashion Dress Up

Skiing Girl Fashion Dress Up

Skiing is great fun and great exercise!  Give this sporty girl a snowboard, boots, stylish ski clothes and awesome accessories.  Mix it up. Have a great time playing Skiing Girl Fashion Dress Up!

Thumbnail image for The Funny Snowman Dress Up

The Funny Snowman Dress Up

Snowmen are one of the things that make winter superb and so much fun.  You get to dress this funny man.  Give him an expression that’s happy or humorous then pick an outfit.  A warm scarf and a sassy hat paired with useful shoes and fashionable gloves. Choose a gift then a great background. You’re […]

Thumbnail image for Snow Man Celebration Dress Up

Snow Man Celebration Dress Up

This cute snow man couple needs to be dressed, decorated and readied for the season. Mix it up, doll them up and get as creative as you like!  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…and have some super winter time fun playing Snow Man Celebration Dress Up!

Thumbnail image for Winter Girl Dress Up

Winter Girl Dress Up

This wonderful woman needs some help with her winter wardrobe.  Give her a great new ‘do in jet black, soft black, brown or red then pick out accessories like elegant jewelry and a fashionable scarf.  Give her a savvy look in a coat dress or wrap dress that says “I’m all business” or perhaps a […]

Thumbnail image for Father Frost Dress Up

Father Frost Dress Up

It’s winter and so Father Frost is out and about.  You get to create him as you like. Dress in red, blue or a combination of the two.  Do as you like and have fun playing Father Frost Dress Up!

Thumbnail image for Make A Snowman Together Dress Up

Make A Snowman Together Dress Up

If you love dress up games, you’re going to love this one.  It’s a 3 for 1…a little girl, the little boy that’s her friend and the snowman they’re putting together, too.  You get to dress all 3!  Put her in a super cute, cozy sweater and matching pants then grab her a cute hat […]