Thumbnail image for Bliinky Christmas Dressup

Bliinky Christmas Dressup

Pile on the warm and festive clothing and keep Bliinky stylish this Christmas season!  Click and drag items to create a whole bunch of great holiday looks.  There are cute jackets, patterned leggings and warm sweaters perfect for the chilly days of winter!

Thumbnail image for Girl Winter Boots

Girl Winter Boots

Winter is coming!  Tracy wants to find some fun, warm boots for the season.  Help her find a pair that matches some of her favorite tights and skirts so that she can wear them every day.  Use your mouse to click on the items in each menu to try them on and click on the […]

Thumbnail image for Justin and Lisa in Love

Justin and Lisa in Love

Justin and Lisa love each other very much and they enjoy spending as much time together as they can.  In this game you can decide what they will do on their date tonight as well as pick each of their outfits.  Use your mouse to click on the hearts above their heads to try out […]

Thumbnail image for Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Do you remember the last winter outfit you were wearing? Have you tried this year’s new trendy winter styles?   Cozy, stylish tops and  warm, winter coats that can protect you from freezing have been laid out for you to pick from.  Add a scarf and a warm hat and you are ready for the […]

Thumbnail image for Sweet Flirting

Sweet Flirting

You can always find cute and interesting guys at the ski resort and that’s why Macie never gets bored there.  She is a gifted conversationalist with an eye for style.  Come play dress up with Macie and get ready to have a fun day flirting with lots of cute boys.  Use your mouse to click […]

Thumbnail image for Winter Backpacker

Winter Backpacker

Winter camping is just like summer camping, only colder.  This young lady is going on her first winter camping trip and she wants to be prepared.  Help her pick some warm clothes to wear while she spends a few days in the wilderness.  Click on the arrows in each menu to see all the options […]

Thumbnail image for Bloom Winter Fashion

Bloom Winter Fashion

Bloom loves all seasons but her favorite fashion is by far winter fashion.  There are so many cuddly and warm accessories that you can wear to complete any outfit.  Gloves, mittens, scarfs, and hats as well as fleece lined jeans and insulated boots.  All of these cozy clothes are great fun!  Find an outfit for […]

Thumbnail image for Last Days of Winter

Last Days of Winter

Winter is a great time to cozy up inside and drink hot cocoa, but when spring is near it is time to say goodbye to the frosty weather.  Say farewell to winter by dressing this beautiful princess for the last winter ball.  She has lots of beautiful dresses to choose from.  Use your mouse to […]

Thumbnail image for Miss Winter

Miss Winter

Hey Girls ! Just because it is cold out doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice fashion.  Keep this winter princess cozy and hip with all the latest and greatest fashion trends.  Click on the menu icons to try on tons of great looks then polish them up with awesome shoes and bags.  Look out winter, […]

Thumbnail image for Winter Kids

Winter Kids

These two gals are having a fun snow filled day at the frozen pond.  Pick out great winter outfits for them to wear.  There are two buttons on the left side of the screen and an identical pair on the right.  These control which girl you are dressing.  Click on the desired category to try […]

Thumbnail image for Olivia Cute Dress Up

Olivia Cute Dress Up

Oh My Gosh!  Olivia has got the best outfits in the neighborhood and everybody knows it.  Come over to her house and try on all sorts of great winter clothes.  From cute tops to cool stockings, the combinations are endless!  It is so much fun to have a friend like Olivia with whom you can […]

Thumbnail image for Style Layering

Style Layering

The best part of shopping is coming home and trying everything on!  Find lots of new and fashionable outfits for our hard core shopper to wear.  She has spent the day hunting for great items that she can use to create great looks for any occasion.  Create lots of different styles together from just a […]

Thumbnail image for Monica Dress Up

Monica Dress Up

Monica loves the winter months because she loves winter-style clothing! She likes to bundle up in a cute outfit and sit by the fireside with her friends and family. Dress her up in a warm winter outfit that she can wear on this snowy day! Be sure to add accessories and shoes to match! Her […]

Thumbnail image for Winter Fun

Winter Fun

This nice girl is going for a winter walk. Help her get ready for her walk by picking out an outfit for her to wear that will keep her warm. Be sure to pick out shoes and accessories that match! She loves the winter more than any other season because she loves to admire the […]

Thumbnail image for Winter Collection 2011

Winter Collection 2011

Gloria is going shopping for new winter clothes! Help her try on a few different outfits so she can pick out some nice winter clothes to buy. Accessorize each outfit and give it a matching pair of shoes. Pick out as many outfits as you want! These clothes are going to be very fashionable during […]

Thumbnail image for Funny Snowman

Funny Snowman

No one has ever seen a snowman like this before! This snowman is different than all the rest, he loves to look absolutely crazy! Customize this funny looking snowman however you want. Make him look as crazy as possible! Use your mouse to create your own unique snowman. When you’re done, print him out to […]

Thumbnail image for New Year’s Eve Makeover

New Year’s Eve Makeover

Joan is ready for the new year because she wants a brand new start! Give her a complete makeover for the new year. She wants to look completely different this year! Pick out accessories, clothes, and more for her to help her complete her look. She is excited for what the new year has in […]

Thumbnail image for Skiing Adventure

Skiing Adventure

Jessica is excited to go on a skiing trip with all of her best friends! They’ve been planning this trip for weeks and she can’t wait. She’s really excited because skiing is her favorite sport. She’ll need something to wear while she’s there. Pick out an outfit for her to go skiing in! She wants […]