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Chic Floral Print Dress Up

Jenny is crazy about flowers!  She has lots of floral print dresses in her wardrobe and loves it when the warm weather comes so she can wear them all.  Find the perfect accessories for each of Jenny’s dresses when you play this fun dress up game.  Click on the buttons in each category until you […]

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Trendy Bathing Suit Dress Up

Summer is here again and we plan to spend lots of wonderful days on the sunny beach. What about getting ready for the hot, summer days with some new trendy bathing suits? In this cool game you will discover some really cute and fashionable ones! So, go on, check out all the cool items and […]

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Beautiful Girl on the Beach

Jackie is always the prettiest girl on the beach! Today, Jackie is shopping for new beach attire. Help her pick out some new outfits and accessories for her to wear to the beach. Browse through all the clothes and jewelry and pick your favorites. Put together an entire outfit for Jackie to buy and wear […]

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Flower Style Bikini

Kelly spends most of her time at the beach and the pool. That means she has a lot of bikinis! Today, Kelly is shopping for a new bikini to wear to the pool. She also wants to buy some accessories to go with it. Help her out by picking out the perfect outfit for her […]

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Summer Beach Girl

Summer is the best time of the year to go to the beach! This beautiful girl loves the summer because she can go to the beach every single day. The beach is her favorite place to be because there is so much to do! Do her hair and dress her up for the beach. She […]

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Jasmine Dress Up

Jasmine’s favorite thing to do is go to the beach on the weekends. Every weekend she’s at the beach! Since she’s at the beach so much, her swim suits get worn out pretty fast. Today, she’s shopping for a new outfit to wear to the beach. Pick out a few accessories and a new swimsuit […]

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Fishing Girl Makeover and Dress Up

Fishing is this girl’s favorite activity. This weekend, she plans on going fishing with some friends at a relaxing pond. Since all her friends are going, she wants to dress up. Give her a complete makeover using the options on the left. You can do her makeup, hair, and more! After you’ve given her a […]

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Hot Summer Shopping

Help Monica do her summer shopping. She’s at her favorite store & isn’t sure what she should buy. Pick out a few outfits for her to buy & take home.

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Summer Dress up

Are you ready for summer? This girl is! On top of that, her name happens to be Summer! Dress Summer up in summer clothes while she lounges by her pool.

Thumbnail image for In the Garden

In the Garden

Kim loves gardening and has been gardening all day! Help her out & help her find some cute clothes that she can garden in.

Thumbnail image for Cool Short Summer 2011

Cool Short Summer 2011

School’s out & summer’s here! This girl just got a whole new wardrobe for the summer! Pick out some cute outfits for her to wear out with her friends.

Thumbnail image for Summer Holiday with BFF

Summer Holiday with BFF

These best friends went to the beach together. They want you to help them get ready because they know you’ll make them look good.

Thumbnail image for Lady in Long Dress

Lady in Long Dress

This lady is on vacation! Check out the clothes she brought with her & choose what you think looks best on her. She has plenty to choose from and lots of accessories!

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Beach Volley Dress

These two girls are out for a game of volleyball on the beach! Dress them in their favorite bikinis so they can play in the sand. Who will win the ultimate volleyball game?

Thumbnail image for Summer Season

Summer Season

Try out the new outfits for this season. You can mix and match anything you like to create the cutest outfits of the summer! Add accessories and different shoes for that extra pop of color.

Thumbnail image for Summer Cool

Summer Cool

Beat the summer by staying cool and fashionable! Choose a cute outfit to wear to the beach and around town for the summer. You’ll look so fashionable no one will guess that you are comfortable too!

Thumbnail image for Girl Near Beach

Girl Near Beach

Have a fun day out at the beach! Pick out an outfit for your girl to wear around the beach. She wants to be comfy and stylish at the same time!

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New Blonde Hair Girl

It’s a beautiful day outside and this girl needs something to wear to the beach! Pick out her outfit and accessories for her.