Thumbnail image for Bloom Picnic Fashion

Bloom Picnic Fashion

Bloom loves to bloom.  Almost all of her clothes are covered in flowers or blossoms of some sort.  What better time for her to bloom than in the summer.  Pick a beautiful outfit that is most fitting for Bloom and a fun filled day in the park.  Use your mouse to look at her clothes […]

Thumbnail image for Last Days of Winter

Last Days of Winter

Winter is a great time to cozy up inside and drink hot cocoa, but when spring is near it is time to say goodbye to the frosty weather.  Say farewell to winter by dressing this beautiful princess for the last winter ball.  She has lots of beautiful dresses to choose from.  Use your mouse to […]

Thumbnail image for Miss Winter

Miss Winter

Hey Girls ! Just because it is cold out doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice fashion.  Keep this winter princess cozy and hip with all the latest and greatest fashion trends.  Click on the menu icons to try on tons of great looks then polish them up with awesome shoes and bags.  Look out winter, […]

Thumbnail image for Elegant Dress Up

Elegant Dress Up

Nature is both beautiful and elegant.  Get this lady ready for a day in beautiful surroundings by picking a beautiful outfit.  Style her hair, pick a dress, and complete her outfit with lots of great accessories.  Click on the menu icons to view all of the different options!  With your help, we will not be […]

Thumbnail image for Charming Spring Fairy

Charming Spring Fairy

Fall in love with forests and all of the magical creatures that inhabit them.  This spring fairy is looking for a young lady to play dress up with.  Would you like to be that lady?  She has masses of cute clothes and tons of time to try them on with you.  Come join her and […]

Thumbnail image for Summer Vacation Dress Up

Summer Vacation Dress Up

It’s time to give this girl a make over.  Every school year she spends all her time reading, writing, and arithmeticking then she forgets how to look good.  Can you help correct all the damage long hours of studying have done to her?  With your magical mouse, get her ready for an amazing summer vacation.

Thumbnail image for Beach Girl Dressup

Beach Girl Dressup

If you love the beach but you can’t go there today, play this game.  Beach Girl has tons of different options for her day at the beach.  Play using your mouse and imagination.  You can change her eyes, nose, and mouth.  Her hair, eyebrows, and skin tone.  There’s also her clothes, shoes, and sunglasses to […]

Thumbnail image for Amy at the Beach

Amy at the Beach

Come play with Amy today and get rid of your summer time woes.  Choose how she looks from the top of her head down to her pretty little toes.  Hats and hairstyles and sunglasses galore.  Jewelry and scarfs, handbags and more.  You will find it all here with just the click of your mouse.  A […]

Thumbnail image for Little Bloom Summer Girl

Little Bloom Summer Girl

Summer is time for girls everywhere to blossom.  There are lots of fun things to do every day and great clothes to wear!  Dress up this pretty lady for a fun filled day at the beach.  Use your mouse to open a category and look through the great options.  Mix and match items to make […]

Thumbnail image for Pastels Love Dress Up

Pastels Love Dress Up

When the weather starts to get warmer, it is time to bust out all the pastel clothes hidden away all winter long.  The cute spring dresses, tank tops, and skirts are dying to see some action!  Dress this beautiful lady all in pastels to make her look great.  You can also choose some jewelry and […]

Thumbnail image for Chic Beach Girl

Chic Beach Girl

When summer comes everybody rushes to the beach.  There is no better place to cool down and have fun.  Help this chic beach girl get ready for the long days she will spend working on her tan and meeting cute lifeguards.  To try her clothes on, click and drag them over to her.  And don’t […]

Thumbnail image for Stella Summer Fashion

Stella Summer Fashion

It is hot and time to get out of the house!  Stella is getting ready to go out enjoy the summer sun and heat.  Help her pick a great outfit so she will stay cool and look good.  Drag and drop items to try them on.  If you want to change what she is wearing, […]

Thumbnail image for Winter Kids

Winter Kids

These two gals are having a fun snow filled day at the frozen pond.  Pick out great winter outfits for them to wear.  There are two buttons on the left side of the screen and an identical pair on the right.  These control which girl you are dressing.  Click on the desired category to try […]

Thumbnail image for Sweet Couple At The Beach

Sweet Couple At The Beach

Dress up a cute young couple spending the day at the beach.  Coordinate their outfits so that they look supper cute and very much in love.  Drag and drop each item to try it on or take it off.  There are lots of possibilities, so spend some time picking your favorite combinations!  

Thumbnail image for Chic Floral Print Dress Up

Chic Floral Print Dress Up

Jenny is crazy about flowers!  She has lots of floral print dresses in her wardrobe and loves it when the warm weather comes so she can wear them all.  Find the perfect accessories for each of Jenny’s dresses when you play this fun dress up game.  Click on the buttons in each category until you […]

Thumbnail image for Olivia Cute Dress Up

Olivia Cute Dress Up

Oh My Gosh!  Olivia has got the best outfits in the neighborhood and everybody knows it.  Come over to her house and try on all sorts of great winter clothes.  From cute tops to cool stockings, the combinations are endless!  It is so much fun to have a friend like Olivia with whom you can […]

Thumbnail image for Make-A-Scene: The Great Egg Hunt

Make-A-Scene: The Great Egg Hunt

Pile all your friends from into a build-your-own Easter Egg Hunt scene. There are three park layouts to choose from and each friendly face has five different poses.  Hide as many eggs as you want and pile in as many benches, lights, and trash bins you like.  After you have completed your egg hunt […]

Thumbnail image for Beautiful in Spring Dress Up

Beautiful in Spring Dress Up

It’s so great that springtime is finally here, isn’t it? Now, the cold days are gone and it’s time for romantic walks on sunny days!  The best part is that you can wear gorgeous spring outfits! The girl in this game is so happy about that! Would you like to see her amazing spring wardrobe? […]