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Bliinky Christmas Dressup

Pile on the warm and festive clothing and keep Bliinky stylish this Christmas season!  Click and drag items to create a whole bunch of great holiday looks.  There are cute jackets, patterned leggings and warm sweaters perfect for the chilly days of winter!

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Donna Summer Dress Up

Donna is fast becoming a popular fashion blogger on the internet. A lot of girls look up to her for her individualistic style and quirky accessories. Since summer is here Donna is researching new summer styles she could write about. Can you brainstorm with her for a new summer look? Enjoy!

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Swimsuit Dress Up

Play this dress up game because it is perfect for a wonderful summer day at the beach.  There is tons to do, so you may have to play multiple times.  Each of the numbers across the top is a different menu that controls a different aspect of the model.  You can create a hairstyle, change […]

Thumbnail image for Girl Winter Boots

Girl Winter Boots

Winter is coming!  Tracy wants to find some fun, warm boots for the season.  Help her find a pair that matches some of her favorite tights and skirts so that she can wear them every day.  Use your mouse to click on the items in each menu to try them on and click on the […]

Thumbnail image for Miami Beach

Miami Beach

Grab your bathing suit and your favorite ocean accessories. We are going to the beautiful beaches of Miami! Dress and style our lovely young lady so that she is ready for a day of sun, sand, and fun.  Click on the menu buttons to change her hair style, eye color and beach outfit.  Then accessorize, […]

Thumbnail image for Pretty Summer Dresses

Pretty Summer Dresses

When summer comes, it is time to dress like a pretty flower.  These dresses are just the thing that any girl needs to feel her prettiest.   Drag and drop your favorite dresses and accessories to create loads of fresh and ultra feminine styles for the hottest days of the year!

Thumbnail image for Motorbike Girl

Motorbike Girl

Holy Mullet Batman, this game is great!  All the fun hairdos, cute clothes, and fashionable accessories are not to be missed.  Transform each outfit by adding different scarfs, shoes, and sunglasses.  Make everything from super stylish sophisticated to silly space alien.  Give it a whirl!

Thumbnail image for Justin and Lisa in Love

Justin and Lisa in Love

Justin and Lisa love each other very much and they enjoy spending as much time together as they can.  In this game you can decide what they will do on their date tonight as well as pick each of their outfits.  Use your mouse to click on the hearts above their heads to try out […]

Thumbnail image for Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Do you remember the last winter outfit you were wearing? Have you tried this year’s new trendy winter styles?   Cozy, stylish tops and  warm, winter coats that can protect you from freezing have been laid out for you to pick from.  Add a scarf and a warm hat and you are ready for the […]

Thumbnail image for Gardener Anna

Gardener Anna

Anna the Gardener is very fond of gardening.  After she is finished digging in the dirt, Anna likes to put on a pretty dress and enjoy the flowers and foliage.  Can you pick your favorite dress for Anna to wear?  There are strapless dresses, dresses with fluffy ruffles, and others that sparkle in the sunlight.  […]

Thumbnail image for Sweet Flirting

Sweet Flirting

You can always find cute and interesting guys at the ski resort and that’s why Macie never gets bored there.  She is a gifted conversationalist with an eye for style.  Come play dress up with Macie and get ready to have a fun day flirting with lots of cute boys.  Use your mouse to click […]

Thumbnail image for Winter Backpacker

Winter Backpacker

Winter camping is just like summer camping, only colder.  This young lady is going on her first winter camping trip and she wants to be prepared.  Help her pick some warm clothes to wear while she spends a few days in the wilderness.  Click on the arrows in each menu to see all the options […]

Thumbnail image for Blonde Girl

Blonde Girl

Blond Girl is getting ready for summer!  The long, warm days will be such a treat after the many months of winter weather.  Help her design some cute summer time outfits so that she will be ready for the first warm day of the year.  Drag and drop strappy tees, cute cut offs, and open […]

Thumbnail image for Bloom Winter Fashion

Bloom Winter Fashion

Bloom loves all seasons but her favorite fashion is by far winter fashion.  There are so many cuddly and warm accessories that you can wear to complete any outfit.  Gloves, mittens, scarfs, and hats as well as fleece lined jeans and insulated boots.  All of these cozy clothes are great fun!  Find an outfit for […]

Thumbnail image for Sea Surf Fashion

Sea Surf Fashion

This surfer girl is catching some waves with a bunch of her friends.  You can get her dressed for a day of riding the waves by playing this game.  Click on the menu tabs until you find the your favorite wet suit, bikini, surf board, and more.  A great day starts with the right clothes […]

Thumbnail image for November Charm Dress Up

November Charm Dress Up

When the first leaves begin to fall and autumn takes over, everything around suddenly starts to look and feel romantic!  This dress up game captures the change in the air that means winter is coming.  With fun fashion that you can layer and rich fall colors that look great together, have fun creating lots of […]

Thumbnail image for Summer Fashion

Summer Fashion

Summer means long, warm days and cool fashion.  Lorraine’s favorite time of the year is summer for those two reasons.  That and she doesn’t have to go to school!  You can spend your time off from school playing with Lorraine.  Mix and match all of her great clothes and accessories to design lots of super […]

Thumbnail image for Pretty Beauty In The Park

Pretty Beauty In The Park

It is a gorgeous day for a walk in the park.  The flowers are beautiful and in full bloom and and so are all the ladies.  Dress up this pretty lady for a sunny day in the park.  Use your mouse to pick a hairstyle and color, then give her a makeover with a light, […]