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Wind And Sun Dress

Play this magical dress up game and choose dresses inspired by the elements.  Dress our lovely goddess in something that captures her true beauty.  Drag and drop the dresses and accessories creating wonderful combinations, fit for a goddess to wear.

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Teen Princess Dress Up

Do you dream about dressing up princesses in beautiful gowns, priceless tiaras, and delicate dancing shoes?  Well, here is your chance to play a fairy tale style dress up game!  Our pretty princess cannot decide what to wear and she needs your help.  Drag and drop skirts puffed up by layers of petticoats, bejeweled tops, […]

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Halloween Princess

Ubaldo is a very old and powerful vampire princess.  Like most vampires, she has an engaging personality, but unlike most vampires she is very shy.   She has sought your help to dress her up so that she lives up to her name and beauty.  Click on the tabs in each category until you find your […]

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Cinderella Princess

Have you heard the story of Cinderella?  It is a very old story that has been told in many different countries in many different ways.  All of the stories are about an unfortunate young lady who wins the heart of a handsome prince.  Dress this Cinderella in a beautiful gown and transform her from a […]

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Meet My Unicorn

Princess Elizabeth’s birthday present from her godmother is pretty unique.  It’s a unicorn!  Have you ever met a unicorn?  Would you like to?  Come play dress up with Princess Elizabeth and her amazing unicorn.  Use your mouse to change colors and styles or add jewelry and other accessories.  There are only about a million different […]

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Queen of Heaven

The Queen of Heaven just can’t decide what to wear today!  Can you help her find a beautiful gown to wear today?  Click on the buttons with your mouse to try on different dresses.  You can also change her hair, jewelry, shoes, and scepter.  What outfit will you like the best?  Play this fun game […]

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Last Days of Winter

Winter is a great time to cozy up inside and drink hot cocoa, but when spring is near it is time to say goodbye to the frosty weather.  Say farewell to winter by dressing this beautiful princess for the last winter ball.  She has lots of beautiful dresses to choose from.  Use your mouse to […]

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Young Princess Makeover

Every little girl has dreamed at least once about living in a fairytale world.  To wear fancy dresses and beautiful shoes everyday.  To sparkle from head to toe because you are covered in glittering jewels.  Well, now you can see just what it feels like!  Use your mouse to experience a real makeover and try […]

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Beautiful Princess

A beautiful princess from a far away kingdom is getting ready for a fancy ball.  There will be guests from far away and many handsome princes will also be there.  Use your mouse to try on lots of beautiful gowns, jeweled crowns, and much more in this fun and imaginative princess dress up game.

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Princess And Unicorn

Dress up a beautiful princess and her unicorn companion in this fun game.  Give the pretty princess a crown, some jewels, and a beautiful gown.  Also, you can choose the colors of her magical unicorn.  Use your mouse to pick your favorites.  If you were a princess and you had a unicorn, what colors would […]

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Goth Princess

On a dark night, a goth princess searches for the right outfit.  She needs help, but where are all the fashion savy girls?  Thankfully you have come along, bringing your eye for style and love of dress up.  Use your mouse to browse through the menu and all of the cool items that you can […]

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Romanian Princess

Dress royalty with this fun dress up game.  This princess wants to look her best when she greets her people.  Help her choose an ensemble that will win their hearts and have all the eligible princes knocking on her door.  Use your mouse to scroll through her outfits, shoes, and accessories.

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Flower Princess

Come play with a beautiful Flower Princess.  She loves to skip in meadows and collect pretty flowers all day long.  First you two must pick a lovely outfit for her to wear.  Use your mouse to pick a gorgeous hairstyle, a flowing gown and matching shoes.  Also, don’t forget to give her a princess crown […]

Thumbnail image for Dance With Princess

Dance With Princess

There is a dance in the kingdom tonight and this princess is picking her dress.  She has lots of beautiful options and cannot make up her mind.  Maybe you can help.  To try something on, click and drag it over to her.  Complement her beautiful gown with shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. When you are […]

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Princess In Ancient

Dress up a pretty princess in this fun game.  Get her ready for a great banquet, a jousting tournament, or a royal ball.  Drag and drop different clothes, hairstyles, and accessories on the princess to try on all her different beautiful gowns.  Travel back in time and imagine the excitement of life in a castle!

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Princess Jesse Dress Up

Princess Jesse is a pretty princess with lots to do. Since she has so much to do, she doesn’t have time to pick out her outfits every day. Help princess Jesse out by creating outfits for her to wear on a daily basis. You can mix and match all of her clothes and accessories however […]

Thumbnail image for Princess Eglantine Dress Up

Princess Eglantine Dress Up

Help the beautiful princess by picking out an every day outfit for her to wear. She hates having to pick out her outfits by herself because she is terrible at matching! Dress her up in a cute outfit with matching accessories. She loves when you help her get ready, so use your mouse to click […]

Thumbnail image for The Royal Stylized Dress

The Royal Stylized Dress

This foreign princess is attending a royal ball! She needs to find a beautiful gown to wear. Go shopping with her to help her find the perfect dress for the big event. Pick out your favorite dress and then pick out jewelry, shoes, and more to match it! She is going to look perfect with […]