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Sea Horse

Dive in to this sweet dress up game where you can design a beautiful Sea Horse.  Play with different styles of fins, lots of bright colors and fun accessories.  Just use your mouse to click on the icons and see all of the wonderful options.  Combine them to create tons of beautiful and unique sea […]

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Teddy Summer Dress-up

What will Teddy wear to the beach today?  You decide when you play this cute and funny game.  There are five categories to play with and create a fun beach look for Teddy.  How about a little bling for his neck, a pair of swim trunks and a goofy hat?  Or maybe a snorkeling mask […]

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Girls And Pets

Sophie and Flash love to play at the park.   They put on their cutest outfits, grab their favorite toys and play until they fall asleep in the shade of a big oak tree.  You can dress them up for another fun day at the park when you play this cute game.  There are hairstyles, accessories, […]

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Panda Care

Sheila loves and cares for her panda.  Today she is going to take her panda for a walk to the park and she wants to dress it up for their day out.  Can you help her?  Click on the tabs in each category to scroll through the different items.  You can change the color of […]

Thumbnail image for Monster Wedding Dress Up

Monster Wedding Dress Up

Monsters get married too and they like to do it in style.  Dress this werewolf up in the finest gown complimented by some sparkling jewelry and a lacy veil.  Click on the icons in each category to design the perfect wedding ensemble.  She will make the prettiest bride this side of the cemetery.  Have a […]

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Make a Stuffed Bear

I just love Teddy Bears!  They are cute and cuddly and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  My absolute favorite kind of Teddy Bear is any one with clothes on.  They make me giggle and smile.  That’s is why I think everyone should play this Teddy Bear dress up game.  After two clicks […]

Thumbnail image for Meet My Unicorn

Meet My Unicorn

Princess Elizabeth’s birthday present from her godmother is pretty unique.  It’s a unicorn!  Have you ever met a unicorn?  Would you like to?  Come play dress up with Princess Elizabeth and her amazing unicorn.  Use your mouse to change colors and styles or add jewelry and other accessories.  There are only about a million different […]

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Kitten Decor

Kitties just want to have fun!  That is why they are always playing with string, chasing mice, and riding bikes.  This cool cat likes to stay fit with lots of exercise.  Bike riding is a fun way to stay healthy and see the world.  Design and dress this feline for a nice country side bike […]

Thumbnail image for Animal Lover

Animal Lover

JoJo absolutely loves animals!  She loves them so much that all of her clothes either look like animals or have animals on them.  Everyday she dresses like a different animal and tries to learn something new about each one.  Which one will she be today?  A lion?  A tiger?  A bear?  Oh my!  You can […]

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OMG So Cute

All the girls out there that just love bunnies, raise your hands!  Deborah and Mickey are wild about bunnies and they have invited you to come play with their newest pet rabbit.  His name is Hans and he just loves to be held and get tasty treats from beautiful girls.  Pick out outfits, hairstyles, and […]

Thumbnail image for Fantasy Monster Dressup

Fantasy Monster Dressup

Journey to a world with fantastic creatures and foreign landscapes.  In this world you can meet new friends like this one.  Is it a cat, is it a bunny, or is it somewhere in between?  Be creative and combine different features to create a never before seen beast.  Just click on the menu tabs to […]

Thumbnail image for Kitty Milly

Kitty Milly

My cat hates to play dress up.  Even though she looks so cute in her kitten mittens and tutu, she is now refusing to play with me.  Luckily I found this cute dress up game.  Kitty Milly loves it when I put as much stuff on her as I can.  I just use my mouse […]

Thumbnail image for Hamster Dressup

Hamster Dressup

I had a hamster once and it was so cute that I just wanted to dress it up in all kinds of tiny clothes.  Unfortunately I didn’t have any hamster sized clothes and my hamster was very happy with nothing but the fur coat it wore every day, so I never got a chance.  But […]

Thumbnail image for Sweet Dog Day Out

Sweet Dog Day Out

What will this dog do today?  Will it run a race, fly to the moon, defend a castle, or play fetch?  You can decide when you play this silly and fun game.  Dress this puppy up for anything that might happen today.  There are lots of possibilities so let your imagination soar when you choose […]

Thumbnail image for Super Cute Bunny Dress Up

Super Cute Bunny Dress Up

Super does not quite capture the level of cute that we are talking about with this game.  This bunny has earned a spot in the Cuteness Hall of Fame.  Wanna know what makes this bunny so darn cute?  Play the game.  It just takes a second, but you will find yourself playing for hours.  Click […]

Thumbnail image for I Love My Puppy Dress Up

I Love My Puppy Dress Up

Let’s spend a day at the park with an adorable puppy!  Pick a cute outfit for this girl to wear while she plays with her best puppy friend.  Just use your mouse to click on each menu button to choose your favorite.  Then she will be ready for a day of fetch and puppy kisses […]

Thumbnail image for Princess And Unicorn

Princess And Unicorn

Dress up a beautiful princess and her unicorn companion in this fun game.  Give the pretty princess a crown, some jewels, and a beautiful gown.  Also, you can choose the colors of her magical unicorn.  Use your mouse to pick your favorites.  If you were a princess and you had a unicorn, what colors would […]

Thumbnail image for Cute Puppy Dressup

Cute Puppy Dressup

Does your puppy refuse to play dress up with you?  Well, I used to have that problem until I found this fun game.  I can dress this puppy up all day long and it never gets bored!  I just use my mouse and click on the menu buttons to try on different things.  Hats, gloves, […]