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Rock And Roll

Emma is going to be a famous rock star and she wants to make sure her style lives up to rock and roll standards.  Click on the icons in each category to mix and match sequin tops with ripped jeans, pencil skirts with satin tops or a killer dress with super cool accessories.  With rock […]

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Rapper Style Dressup

Do you like Hip Hop, Rnb, and Rap music?  Then you surely love keeping up with the latest street styles and trends. Try out this fun boy dress up game and discover all the hip hop outfits and accessories you can use to dress up this young artist.  Click on the left hand side of […]

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Chibi Rock Star

Have you ever wondered what it must be like to be a rock star?  You get to wear crazy make up and outrageous hairstyles.  Oh, and the clothes!  Don’t forget the clothes.  Dresses and leather jackets, stockings and rhinestone accessories.  What fun!  Seriously.  Experience the thrill of the rock star life style when you play […]

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Puddin’s Glitter Glam

Disco isn’t dead and the proof is in the Puddin!  She is ready to boogie and needs a little help from a cool cat like you to pick out some solid digs for tonight.  Click on each menu icon to see Puddin in different hair styles, dresses, and jewelry.  Don’t be a jive turkey and […]

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Musician Girl Dressup

Hey girls! Do you want a game that totally rocks?  Dress this musician chick up so that she is ready to hit the stage and get her fans pumped!  Use your mouse to try on different tops, hairstyles, and jewelry to design a cool outfit for this talented rock star.  This game is so much […]

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I Love Singing

Get Alice ready for the big singing contest.  She has spent months practicing her song and is ready to win the competition, but she needs your help.  Will you please find the perfect outfit for Alice’s big night?  Use your mouse to browse through her closets and pick your favorite combinations.  With your help Alice […]