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Favorite Hoodie

Play this international dress up game and learn that girls everywhere love to wear tee-shirts and jeans.  Won’t you help this young lady pick a bright hoodie, her favorite pair of jeans and all the accessories she needs to complete her outfit.  Click on the icons to open each menu and click on items to […]

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Get It In

Play a fun international dress up game that will test your memory and sense of style.  You will be shown an outfit for a few moments and then given thirty seconds to recreate it from memory.  It’s pretty fun and one of the hardest memory games I have ever played.  However, you can also just […]

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Electronics Girl

She loves new gadgets and spends her time keeping up with cutting edge technology.  What is she dreaming of now?  You can decide when you play dress up with her.  There are cute dresses, fun jewelry, and great hairstyles that you can change around as well as some high tech accessories.  My favorite is the […]

Thumbnail image for Chinese New Year Dressup

Chinese New Year Dressup

Dress up this beautiful girl who is getting ready to go out for Chinese New Year! Put on her make up and give her any hairstyle you desire. Pick a pretty dress and accessories to complete the ensemble.  Just make sure she looks fabulous!

Thumbnail image for Indian Girl Makeover

Indian Girl Makeover

Here is your chance to fulfill your lifelong dream of playing Indian Girl Makeover!  Start with a gentle exfoliating scrub, then a toning cleanser, and finish with a pore refining mask.  Then get messy with some zit popping and eyebrow plucking!  After the cleaning and the squeezing, give her some makeup, jewelry and a hairdo.  […]

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Holiday in London

London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. Our cute friend will visit some of the London highlights like Big Ben and the Tower Bridge. Give a nice makeover to this lovely girl so she can visit the largest city in the UK in style. And don’t forget her classy Union Jack purse!  […]

Thumbnail image for Preppy Girl Fashion

Preppy Girl Fashion

Leigh is spending a semester abroad studying art history.  It is a great way to learn about the time and the place that created memorable works of art.  It is also a great opportunity to go shopping!  She has bought so many cute outfits that she is having a hard time choosing what to wear.  […]

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Key To Heart

Are you looking for a dress up game filled with tons of cute clothes and lots of fun challenges?  Then look no further.  This game is jam packed with great clothes, accessories, and shoes!  Spend hours in the free play mode, dragging and dropping items to try them on the sweet model and create bunches […]

Thumbnail image for Summer Stars

Summer Stars

Do you like fashion?  Do you like games?  Well then, you are going to love this fashion game!  Now, for those of you who can not read Korean, that’s okay.  You can play a simple dress up game by dragging and dropping all the cute clothes onto the lovely model.  But, if you click on […]

Thumbnail image for Cyang Dress Up

Cyang Dress Up

Cyang likes to dress in the latest Chinese inspired styles. Her closets are full of beautiful tops, skirts, and dresses that combine traditional lines with current trends. Find your favorite outfits and then complete them with some great accessories.  Just click on the tabs to try on all of her beautiful clothes and jewelry.

Thumbnail image for Pretty Indian Princess

Pretty Indian Princess

Dress an Indian Princess for a nice day in the garden.  Play with traditional Indian dresses and design an outfit that is as beautiful as our princess.  She will look so feminine and pretty in the dress you choose.  Click and drag to change dresses, hairstyles, and accessories.  Click on the menu tabs to open […]

Thumbnail image for Beautiful India Girl DressUp

Beautiful India Girl DressUp

Brigitte has spent the past year traveling around India.  She has fallen in love with the culture, the food, and the clothes.  You can dress play dress up with her and see all the beautiful clothes she has collected.  Click on the menu buttons to try on different tops, skirts, and accessories.  Pick your favorite […]

Thumbnail image for Spanish Senorita

Spanish Senorita

It is World Cultures Day at school and Leta has decided to go as a Spanish senorita.  Help her pick an outfit that captures the history and beauty of Spain’s heritage.  Use your mouse to scroll through the different dresses, shoes, and accessories.  I’m sure that, with your help, Leta will get an A+ on […]

Thumbnail image for London Guest

London Guest

Pernilla is visiting the beautiful, historic, and exciting city of London.  She plans to see all the sites, eat all the steak and kidney pie she can, and go shopping in all the hottest stores.  Try on some of the clothes she has bought so far when you play this fun game.  Open each category […]

Thumbnail image for Exquisite Chinese Princess

Exquisite Chinese Princess

Travel back in time and see what Chinese princesses looked like many years ago.  You can pick hairstyles, pretty dresses, and accessories like fans and head dresses.  Dress up games like these are a neat way to learn about historical dress from all over the world.

Thumbnail image for Bangkok Dress Up

Bangkok Dress Up

Choose from lots of pretty gowns inspired by the style of Bangkok when you play this fun dress up game.  Each dress is so beautiful that you will have a hard time picking a favorite for this pretty lady to wear.  Complete each look with different hairstyles, handbags, shoes, and jewelry.  You can even choose […]

Thumbnail image for Vietnam Silk Dress

Vietnam Silk Dress

Do you like to see how people dress around the world?  Here is a fun game you can play to see what women traditionally wear in Vietnam.  There are lots of pretty dresses to try on and you can accessorize with hats and fans.  Just click on each item to try it on.  If you […]

Thumbnail image for Fashion Tour

Fashion Tour

Take a fashion tour through Asia when you play this fun game.  See how women traditionally dress in four different Asian countries.  It is a little bit of history, a little bit of culture, and a whole lot of fun.  Just use your mouse to try on the different gowns, hairstyles, and shoes.  Which country […]