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Happy Halloween Cutie

This cutie loves Halloween more than any other holiday! Dress her up in a crazy Halloween costume for her to wear while she goes trick-or-treating. She has all kinds of costumes for you to choose from! Pick out your favorite costume, shoes, and accessories. You can also pick out your favorite hair-do for her to […]

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Halloween Pumpkin Bread Cooking

Today, Jane is going to teach you how to make her famous pumpkin bread! Follow her instructions carefully and it will turn out perfect. You are making this pumpkin bread for your Halloween party, so it has to taste great! It will taste great if you do exactly as Jane says. Use your mouse to […]

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Vampire Collection

For this girl it’s not just Halloween, she really is a vampire! Dress her in some spooky vampire clothes for the day. She loves wearing black, creepy clothes. Add accessories and pick a hair style for her as well. She wants to look as spooky as possible! She loves scaring kids on Halloween for fun. […]

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Anime Vampire Queen

Who doesn’t love a vampire on Halloween? Dress this girl up in a vampire costume for her to wear on Halloween. She’s been planning to be a vampire for a while now so she wants the costume to be perfect! Add accessories and do her hair so her look will be perfect. Use your mouse […]

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Twin Girls Dress up

These twins are dressing up like Alice and the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland for Halloween. Pick out their outfits and make sure they look cute.

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Freak Girl 2011

For Halloween this pretty girl wants to be a freak so you are free to dress her up however you like! She’ll probably try to scare her family so make sure she looks really scary.

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Dark Night Collection

This is an evil girl that only comes out at night. She likes gothic clothing so if you do too, help her pick out her outfits for the night time.

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Halloween Vampire

This vampire may look scary, but it’s just Halloween! Dress her up as a vampire because she wants to scare her friends. Wish her luck!

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Scary Dress Up

It’s Halloween, the time of year when the ghouls and goblins come out to play.  Along with them, bad fashion and creepy looks aren’t far behind.  Dress this pretty lady and then her monster friend.  Have a delightful time playing Scary Dress Up!

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Halloween Baby Dress Up

It’s Halloween, time for fun costumes and spooky sidekicks.  Have a freaky good time playing Halloween Baby Dress Up!