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Monster Bride

This Halloween Martha will be marching down the isle with her beloved monster.  They will live happily ever after in a cave and raise a happy little monster family together.  You can get Martha ready for her big day by picking out her wedding ensemble.  Click on each category to change her hair, dress, shoes, […]

Thumbnail image for Akilina Makeover

Akilina Makeover

Welcome to another Monster High girl game.  Akilina has a party tonight and she wants to surprise everyone with a new hairstyle and some wild makeup.  She also needs a wicked outfit, so choose the dress you like the most, some killer shoes and the right accessories.  Just use your mouse to get her ready […]

Thumbnail image for Joyful Scarah Dress Up

Joyful Scarah Dress Up

Scarah is a very sweet ghoul girl and she has always dreamed of getting a makeover.  Will you give her one?  You can use your mouse to pick a new hairstyle and a whole new outfit, complete with jewelry and shoes.  Scarah will be the happiest goul alive when you are finished!

Thumbnail image for Vampire Princess

Vampire Princess

Margret is a teenager with a big secret.  Don’t tell anyone, but she is actually a vampire princess!  Halloween is the only time of year that she doesn’t have to dress up.  She always looks forward to picking one of her favorite velvet and lace gowns for the special occasion.  Would you like to help […]

Thumbnail image for Halloween Princess

Halloween Princess

Ubaldo is a very old and powerful vampire princess.  Like most vampires, she has an engaging personality, but unlike most vampires she is very shy.   She has sought your help to dress her up so that she lives up to her name and beauty.  Click on the tabs in each category until you find your […]

Thumbnail image for Halloween Wedding

Halloween Wedding

This little goth bride doesn’t look too excited about her upcoming Halloween wedding.  Maybe you can help cheer her up.  Click on the buttons in each category to design a perfectly dreadful wedding ensemble to suit her tastes.  That should cheer her right up.  Don’t ya think?

Thumbnail image for Monster Wedding Dress Up

Monster Wedding Dress Up

Monsters get married too and they like to do it in style.  Dress this werewolf up in the finest gown complimented by some sparkling jewelry and a lacy veil.  Click on the icons in each category to design the perfect wedding ensemble.  She will make the prettiest bride this side of the cemetery.  Have a […]

Thumbnail image for Make a Monster

Make a Monster

Let’s face it, girly girls may love pretty things and playing dress up, but sometimes they also want to be silly.  Here is a silly monster designing game for those days.  Click on the menu buttons to rotate through all the different options.  You can change the head, torso, arms, and legs.  Pick a neat […]

Thumbnail image for Monsters Magic

Monsters Magic

This game is so funny that it made me laugh until my stomach hurt.  See what sort of weird and hilarious creatures you can make when you play.  Just click on one of three areas (head, body, or legs) and see what happens next.  There are a ridiculous amount of silly monsters that you can […]

Thumbnail image for Halloween Candy Decoaration

Halloween Candy Decoaration

It is Halloween and your sweet neighbor, who works as a candy designer, has invited you to her house.  Her house is full of every sort of candy and you are pretty sure that you are now in heaven.  For the icing on your cake, this kind woman will let you design your very own […]

Thumbnail image for Fabulous Halloween Dresses

Fabulous Halloween Dresses

Halloween is such an amazing opportunity for us girls to play dress up! Fooling around with masks and costumes is always lots of fun, so for Halloween we go all out!  Here is a special surprise for you: this year you can play dress up with a collection of simply fabulous dresses, wigs, and accessories!  […]

Thumbnail image for Halloween Pumpkin Decoration

Halloween Pumpkin Decoration

Before you slice and dice a real pumpkin, why not play this fun game and get a few ideas for your jack o’ lantern.  Click on the pumpkin buttons on the right side of the screen to see all the different faces and accessories that go into making magnificent Halloween pumpkins!  They are a little […]

Thumbnail image for Button’s Halloween Dress Up

Button’s Halloween Dress Up

Cute as a Button!  That’s all I have to say.  Here is an interactive dress up game that will surely win your heart.  Make potions to unlock new and cute presents.  You can refer to the spell book if you get stumped.  Give squirrels all the nuts they crave and pick out tons of cute […]

Thumbnail image for Happy Halloween Dresses

Happy Halloween Dresses

All year, people are thinking about what they will be for Halloween.  Then the big night comes and they still don’t know what to be!  Help this Happy Halloweener find her perfect costume.  Do her makeup, find the right hairstyle, then pick a costume.  And don’t forget to accessorize!  All of this can be done […]

Thumbnail image for Little Vampire

Little Vampire

The number one problem of being a vampire is all the stains you get on your clothes from dinner.  That is why most vampires wear dark clothing, it just lasts longer.  When you live forever, that really becomes an issue.  Help this little vampire pick an outfit for the fancy buffet she has been invited […]

Thumbnail image for Green Witch Dress Up

Green Witch Dress Up

This is one spooky witch! Dress this creepy witch up in some spooky clothes to make her look scarier than ever! She is an evil witch who casts spells on everyone she can! Pick out your favorite spooky clothes and accessories and dress her up in them. Think you can give her the spookiest costume? […]

Thumbnail image for Fun Flying Witch

Fun Flying Witch

This fun witch is not an evil witch, she’s a good witch! She is one of the friendliest witches you’ll ever meet! Today, she wants you to dress her up in any outfit you want. She loves being dressed up! Create any outfit you want out of the clothes she already has. She wants you […]

Thumbnail image for Lolita Drew Dress Up

Lolita Drew Dress Up

Lolita has some crazy costumes! She loves getting dressed up in all sorts of different outfits. Dress her up in a cute or crazy costume. She will wear absolutely anything! Use your mouse to pick out your favorite clothes and accessories. No outfit is complete without a cute pair of shoes, so pick out a […]