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Merry Christmas

You don’t have to wait for Christmas to decorate your tree!  Play Merry Christmas whenever you want to feel the Christmas spirit.  There are garlands and snow effects that you can turn on and off as well as tons of ornaments and tree toppers to drag and drop into place.  There’s so much to choose […]

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Bliinky Christmas Dressup

Pile on the warm and festive clothing and keep Bliinky stylish this Christmas season!  Click and drag items to create a whole bunch of great holiday looks.  There are cute jackets, patterned leggings and warm sweaters perfect for the chilly days of winter!

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Holiday Fashion

This holiday season is going to be big!  Big parties with all our friends and family, big delicious dinners with all the trimmings, and big fashion complete with hot accessories.  You can play holiday dress up with our lovely model Katia and design your favorite holiday outfit.  Look though the different menus and try everything […]

Thumbnail image for Shining Christmas Tree

Shining Christmas Tree

What does your family’s Christmas Tree look like?  If you had the chance to decorate a Christmas Tree all by yourself, how would you decorate it?  With tons of presents and lots of twinkling lights, right?!  Well, you can show us how your tree will look with this fun game.  Click on the tabs to […]

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Cheerful Christmas Girl

Jodie has a dream.   She wants to bring happiness to kids just like Santa Claus. This Christmas, she has prepared many gifts  to deliver to boys and girls around the world secretly. Before she starts, can you help her find an outfit to wear?  She wants something that is festive like Santa, but pretty […]

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Cozy for Christmas Dress Up

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! With the cold-winter breeze outside and the feeling of goodwill all around us, the spirit is everywhere! So let’s get into the spirit and put on our coziest clothes for the season! Play with layer upon layer of cute cozy clothes.  Mix and match patterns and texture.  […]

Thumbnail image for Bloom Doll Christmas Dressup

Bloom Doll Christmas Dressup

Bloom’s favorite part of Christmas are all the parties with friends and family.  Help her dress up for another fun evening full of good food and merriment.  She has an almost endless collection of skirts and blouses for you to play with.  Just click on the icons to scroll through all of her cute clothes.  […]

Thumbnail image for Holly Jolly Christmas Dress Up

Holly Jolly Christmas Dress Up

Santa has been watching lots tv shows about makeovers and style.  He has decided that his look is outdated and unflattering.  Can you help him update his look for Christmas this year?  You can dress him in new and exotic colors like purple or blue.  Find a new suit that will flatter his robust figure […]

Thumbnail image for Cute Snowman Cookies

Cute Snowman Cookies

Nothing is tastier or makes a better gift than home made cookies.  Join us in the kitchen for this fun baking and decorating game.  Use your mouse to follow the prompts.  First make the dough and then bake the cookies.  For the last part, you have to decorate the snowmen.  Cover them with frosting and […]

Thumbnail image for Pretty Girl Pretty Christmas

Pretty Girl Pretty Christmas

Pretty up this pretty girl just for Christmas!  This fun dress up game is jam packed with cute fur lined dresses, festive skirts, and warm accessories that will get you in the mood to celebrate.  Click on the stars next to the wardrobe to open each category then click on your favorite items to try […]

Thumbnail image for Anime X-mas Girl

Anime X-mas Girl

You can design tons of fun Anime X-mas girls when you play this game.  You could even save them and print them out to use as unique X-mas cards for your friends and family!  Use your mouse to combine different hairstyles and facial expressions with cool outfits.  There are so many options your head might […]

Thumbnail image for Christmas Sara Makeover

Christmas Sara Makeover

Sara loves winter and the holidays they bring.  This year she wants to throw a fun party for all of her friends and family.  Will you help her get ready?  She will need some relaxing spa treatments to make her glow, a great dress in which to dance the night away, and some stunning makeup […]

Thumbnail image for Holiday Party

Holiday Party

It’s that time of year and this pretty lady has been invited to lots of holiday parties.  Go through her wardrobe full of pretty party dresses and pick the one you think she should wear tonight. Use your mouse to click on a dress and pick it up.  Then carry it over to her and […]

Thumbnail image for Run for Christmas

Run for Christmas

Lola has yet to buy her friends Christmas presents! She is in a huge hurry, but she still wants to buy them something before Christmas comes around. Help her quickly find an outfit and accessories that she can wear while Christmas shopping. Browse through her Christmas clothes and find an outfit you’d like her to […]

Thumbnail image for Christmas Eve with Best Friend

Christmas Eve with Best Friend

These best friends have decided to share their Christmas Eve together! They’re having a girls night, it’s sure to be lots of fun! Dress them both up in a festive Christmas outfit for them to wear during their time together. Click and drag clothes, accessories, hairstyles, and more onto their bodies to dress them in […]

Thumbnail image for Snowy Joy Noel Dress

Snowy Joy Noel Dress

Sarah is getting ready for Christmas morning. Help her do her makeup for the day. It’s a beautiful day and she’s going to be spending it with her friends and family. Do her makeup however you like. You can make it look natural, or you can make it look crazy! Sarah is up for anything. […]

Thumbnail image for Santa’s Elf Dress Up

Santa’s Elf Dress Up

Tia is dressing up as one of Santa’s elves for the holiday season! She loves Christmas and the Christmas spirit. Pick out the perfect elf costume for her including an outfit, accessories, shoes, and a hairstyle! Tia needs your help picking out the best costume and has asked for her help. Once you’ve found the […]

Thumbnail image for Christmas Dress Up

Christmas Dress Up

Tonight, Ashley is hosting her first Christmas party. She has been planning this party for weeks. There will be a lot of people coming over and she wants to look stunning! Dress her up in a cute outfit for her to wear during her party. Ashley has plenty of clothes, shoes, and accessories to choose […]