Thumbnail image for Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

You don’t have to wait for Christmas to decorate your tree!  Play Merry Christmas whenever you want to feel the Christmas spirit.  There are garlands and snow effects that you can turn on and off as well as tons of ornaments and tree toppers to drag and drop into place.  There’s so much to choose […]

Thumbnail image for Bliinky Christmas Dressup

Bliinky Christmas Dressup

Pile on the warm and festive clothing and keep Bliinky stylish this Christmas season!  Click and drag items to create a whole bunch of great holiday looks.  There are cute jackets, patterned leggings and warm sweaters perfect for the chilly days of winter!

Thumbnail image for Love Prints Dress Up

Love Prints Dress Up

She is in love and she wants to tell the world! This cute girl has finally met the love of her life and she is eager now to refresh her entire wardrobe with the cutest outfits in the world.   Won’t you join her and have a great time playing dress up?  Click the menu buttons, […]

Thumbnail image for Monster Bride

Monster Bride

This Halloween Martha will be marching down the isle with her beloved monster.  They will live happily ever after in a cave and raise a happy little monster family together.  You can get Martha ready for her big day by picking out her wedding ensemble.  Click on each category to change her hair, dress, shoes, […]

Thumbnail image for Akilina Makeover

Akilina Makeover

Welcome to another Monster High girl game.  Akilina has a party tonight and she wants to surprise everyone with a new hairstyle and some wild makeup.  She also needs a wicked outfit, so choose the dress you like the most, some killer shoes and the right accessories.  Just use your mouse to get her ready […]

Thumbnail image for Joyful Scarah Dress Up

Joyful Scarah Dress Up

Scarah is a very sweet ghoul girl and she has always dreamed of getting a makeover.  Will you give her one?  You can use your mouse to pick a new hairstyle and a whole new outfit, complete with jewelry and shoes.  Scarah will be the happiest goul alive when you are finished!

Thumbnail image for Vampire Princess

Vampire Princess

Margret is a teenager with a big secret.  Don’t tell anyone, but she is actually a vampire princess!  Halloween is the only time of year that she doesn’t have to dress up.  She always looks forward to picking one of her favorite velvet and lace gowns for the special occasion.  Would you like to help […]

Thumbnail image for Shoujo Manga Valentines

Shoujo Manga Valentines

Dress up the happy manga couple for a lovely Valentine’s day date!  Click on the arrows in each category to scroll through the options.  Design lots of different moods by changing their facial expressions.  You can also play with the background and frame.  Have fun!

Thumbnail image for Halloween Princess

Halloween Princess

Ubaldo is a very old and powerful vampire princess.  Like most vampires, she has an engaging personality, but unlike most vampires she is very shy.   She has sought your help to dress her up so that she lives up to her name and beauty.  Click on the tabs in each category until you find your […]

Thumbnail image for Chinese New Year Dressup

Chinese New Year Dressup

Dress up this beautiful girl who is getting ready to go out for Chinese New Year! Put on her make up and give her any hairstyle you desire. Pick a pretty dress and accessories to complete the ensemble.  Just make sure she looks fabulous!

Thumbnail image for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Jenny wants to meet up with her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, wearing the cutest outfit that you have chosen for her to wear.  Wouldn’t you just love to help her dream come true?  Use your mouse to pick something sweet and festive.  Open the menu in each category then use the arrows to scroll through.  […]

Thumbnail image for Halloween Wedding

Halloween Wedding

This little goth bride doesn’t look too excited about her upcoming Halloween wedding.  Maybe you can help cheer her up.  Click on the buttons in each category to design a perfectly dreadful wedding ensemble to suit her tastes.  That should cheer her right up.  Don’t ya think?

Thumbnail image for Monster Wedding Dress Up

Monster Wedding Dress Up

Monsters get married too and they like to do it in style.  Dress this werewolf up in the finest gown complimented by some sparkling jewelry and a lacy veil.  Click on the icons in each category to design the perfect wedding ensemble.  She will make the prettiest bride this side of the cemetery.  Have a […]

Thumbnail image for Holiday Fashion

Holiday Fashion

This holiday season is going to be big!  Big parties with all our friends and family, big delicious dinners with all the trimmings, and big fashion complete with hot accessories.  You can play holiday dress up with our lovely model Katia and design your favorite holiday outfit.  Look though the different menus and try everything […]

Thumbnail image for Shining Christmas Tree

Shining Christmas Tree

What does your family’s Christmas Tree look like?  If you had the chance to decorate a Christmas Tree all by yourself, how would you decorate it?  With tons of presents and lots of twinkling lights, right?!  Well, you can show us how your tree will look with this fun game.  Click on the tabs to […]

Thumbnail image for Cheerful Christmas Girl

Cheerful Christmas Girl

Jodie has a dream.   She wants to bring happiness to kids just like Santa Claus. This Christmas, she has prepared many gifts  to deliver to boys and girls around the world secretly. Before she starts, can you help her find an outfit to wear?  She wants something that is festive like Santa, but pretty […]

Thumbnail image for Make a Monster

Make a Monster

Let’s face it, girly girls may love pretty things and playing dress up, but sometimes they also want to be silly.  Here is a silly monster designing game for those days.  Click on the menu buttons to rotate through all the different options.  You can change the head, torso, arms, and legs.  Pick a neat […]

Thumbnail image for New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve Party

Every year, you and your friends throw a big costume party to ring in the New Year.  You have invited the new girl to the party but she is a bit shy and does not know what to wear.  Will you help her find a costume for the evening?  Click on the tabs to try […]