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Singer Girl Bloom

Singer Girl Bloom Dress up game is a cute and fun way to play dress up.  There are lots of great tops and bottoms to mix and match for super stylish results.  Add some fun accessories and call it an ensemble.  Bloom is a darling singer and she needs your help picking outfits to wear […]

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Cute Eva Dress Up

Eva is a cute fun girl that loves to dress up.  You can play a game with Eva where you try to earn as many points as you can by designing outfits.  Earn points for style and matching.  To play, click on the buttons until you find your favorite look.  Show them to see your […]

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Space Fighter

Nancy dreams of a day when people can travel to far off galaxies.  In her imagination there are fast space ships, cool futuristic clothes, and crazy space aliens.  Get Nancy ready for a space adventure by choosing the right outfit for the job.  Click on each menu tab until you find just the right combination.  […]

Thumbnail image for I Heart Teddy

I Heart Teddy

Teddy is your favorite toy.  You can spend hours dressing him up to go on lots of adventures.  Today you will find an outfit for Teddy and yourself before you spend a fun filled day at the park.  Look through your wardrobe and click on the items you see to try them on.  There are […]

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Pretty Cruises Waitress

Erini is a performer on a luxury cruise ship.  She gets to travel to lots of exotic locations and dance her heart out!  It is her dream job and she loves it!  She is so busy learning new routines that she needs someone to help her pick her outfits for each show.  Can you help […]

Thumbnail image for OMG So Cute

OMG So Cute

All the girls out there that just love bunnies, raise your hands!  Deborah and Mickey are wild about bunnies and they have invited you to come play with their newest pet rabbit.  His name is Hans and he just loves to be held and get tasty treats from beautiful girls.  Pick out outfits, hairstyles, and […]

Thumbnail image for Lovey Dovey

Lovey Dovey

Young love.  Is there nothing more sweet, more tender than your first love?  Maybe a pie.  Dress this cute couple up when you play this game.  Scroll through different hair styles, outfits and shoes by clicking on the menu buttons.  You’ll be amazed at how cute they can be!

Thumbnail image for Autumn Fashion with BFF

Autumn Fashion with BFF

This dress up game is twice as fun as your normal dress up game!  That’s because there are two girls to dress up.  Get them all fancied up from their hair down to their shoes and socks.  Pick your favorite styles and then pick your favorite color combinations.  You can even play with different fabric […]

Thumbnail image for Lovely Girl DressUp

Lovely Girl DressUp

Play dress up with this cute girl.  Use your mouse to create lots of different outfits by clicking on the icons.  You can change her top, hair, sunglasses, shoes, and so much more!  There are so many cute outfits that you may find yourself playing this game all day.  Yay for fun dress up games! […]

Thumbnail image for Cute Japanese Girl

Cute Japanese Girl

Find a cute outfit for this sweet Japanese girl to wear.  She has lots of great clothes and you will have ever so much fun picking different combinations.  You can also change her hair, eyes, and lipstick.  This fun dress up game is played by using your mouse.  Just click on the menu icons until […]

Thumbnail image for Relaxing Rachel Dress Up

Relaxing Rachel Dress Up

Rachel is a master relaxer.  Once she has the right hairdo, shoes, and clothes she will be ready to put her feet up.  Help Rachel chill to the max by picking her hairdo, shoes, and outfit for her.  You would make an excellent understudy and be a giant help.  Take careful notes and study Rachel’s […]

Thumbnail image for Lolita Girl Dress Up

Lolita Girl Dress Up

Lolita is a girl.  This is her dress up game.  Her wardrobe is full of cute dresses and accessories.  Create lots of different combinations and even change her hairstyles too!  Lolita is fun to dress up because she is a pretty girl with pretty clothes.  You can play this game by yourself or share the […]

Thumbnail image for Ballerina Dressup Game

Ballerina Dressup Game

Ballerinas are pretty and they dance pretty too.  I want to be a ballerina when I grow up, so I play this game all the time.  I can change her tutu and her top and her hair and her shoes.  All I have to do is click on the buttons to change her clothes.  It […]

Thumbnail image for Cute Devil Girl Dressup

Cute Devil Girl Dressup

Find something devilish for this cute devil girl to wear.  She’s got a whole bunch of outfits for you to try on, so you’re sure to find something you like.  Use your mouse to take a look at all the different options.  Her horns and tail won’t change, but just about everything else will.  So […]

Thumbnail image for Jester Jenny

Jester Jenny

Jester Jenny puts all of her energy into practicing new tricks and learning new songs with which to entertain kings and queens.  She is a royal favorite, but rarely has the energy left to pick her bright and silly costumes.  As her assistant, you help Jenny by picking her outfit for each performance.  What will […]

Thumbnail image for Violinist Priscilla

Violinist Priscilla

Priscilla loves three things.  She loves cake and violins and dress up.  Before every show she spends time picking the right outfit for the event.  Think about where Priscilla will be playing tonight and help her find the right ensemble.  Will it be formal and fancy?  Will it be cozy and intimate?  Or will she […]

Thumbnail image for Sweet Strawberry Girl

Sweet Strawberry Girl

Sweet Strawberry Girls don’t need any help being cute, but they sure do like it!  Will you help this strawberry girl put on her makeup and choose an outfit?  I bet you would have lots of fun using your mouse to try out all of the different colored lipsticks and eyeliners and blushes.  And that […]

Thumbnail image for Beauty Makeover

Beauty Makeover

Every once in a while a girl needs to be pampered.  Shower this lady in luxury as you give her a complete makeover.  Do her makeup, style her hair, pick a cute outfit, and pile on the jewelry.  Use your mouse to click on the menu buttons to open windows with all of the different […]