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My Sweet 16: School Musical

This season, your high school will be putting on lots of exciting plays and musicals!  Since you love to act, you ant to audition for each and every one.  Look the part for your auditions by going back stage and checking out the prop rooms.  In each room you will find different costumes.  Click on […]

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Emo Evil

This is emo style with an edge!  Click on the different categories and choose your favorite dress and matching accessories.  There are colorful hairstyles, wicked jewelry and awesome shoes.  Make our evil emo princess look great!

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Shopping Doll Dress Up

Megan loves clothes and shopping.  Today she is going on a wonderful shopping extravaganza at the mall!  Would you like to come along and help her decide which outfits to buy?  You can click on the tabs to try out different dresses, tops, bottoms, jewelry and hairstyles.  At the end of the day, Megan will […]

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Rock And Roll

Emma is going to be a famous rock star and she wants to make sure her style lives up to rock and roll standards.  Click on the icons in each category to mix and match sequin tops with ripped jeans, pencil skirts with satin tops or a killer dress with super cool accessories.  With rock […]

Thumbnail image for Love Prints Dress Up

Love Prints Dress Up

She is in love and she wants to tell the world! This cute girl has finally met the love of her life and she is eager now to refresh her entire wardrobe with the cutest outfits in the world.   Won’t you join her and have a great time playing dress up?  Click the menu buttons, […]

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Stylish Girl

Come play dress up with Stacey, a super stylish girl with a closet full of great clothes, shoes, and accessories.  Mix and match different hair styles, tops and bottoms to create lots of fashion forward looks by simply using your mouse.  You won’t be able to stop playing because the clothes are just so cute […]

Thumbnail image for Teenage Vogue

Teenage Vogue

Clara wants nothing more than to become a model for teenage girls Vogue.  Today, she finally has her big break.  There is an open audition for new talent and she needs your help to look her best.  Click on the menu tabs to change her clothes, hair, and accessories.  Your great sense of style and […]

Thumbnail image for Ball Prep Makeover

Ball Prep Makeover

Hi Girls! Today we are going to teach you how to get prepared for the upcoming ball.  Balls are special evening events where we socialize and meet friends. For the ball tonight, you must look presentable, if not, stunning!  Let us begin the transformation. Use your mouse and follow the prompts to give the best […]

Thumbnail image for Unforgettable Memories

Unforgettable Memories

What is your favorite thing to do with your mom?  Help Natalie recreate some of her favorite mom moments when you play this fun dress up game.  Dress little Natalie in the cute clothes that little girls get to wear.  There are fun animal prints, bold stripes, and lots of colors.  Enjoy thinking about the […]

Thumbnail image for Justin and Lisa in Love

Justin and Lisa in Love

Justin and Lisa love each other very much and they enjoy spending as much time together as they can.  In this game you can decide what they will do on their date tonight as well as pick each of their outfits.  Use your mouse to click on the hearts above their heads to try out […]

Thumbnail image for Winter Backpacker

Winter Backpacker

Winter camping is just like summer camping, only colder.  This young lady is going on her first winter camping trip and she wants to be prepared.  Help her pick some warm clothes to wear while she spends a few days in the wilderness.  Click on the arrows in each menu to see all the options […]

Thumbnail image for Blonde Girl

Blonde Girl

Blond Girl is getting ready for summer!  The long, warm days will be such a treat after the many months of winter weather.  Help her design some cute summer time outfits so that she will be ready for the first warm day of the year.  Drag and drop strappy tees, cute cut offs, and open […]

Thumbnail image for A Small Rocker

A Small Rocker

Get your backstage pass to this awesome dress up game!  A Small Rocker features lots of cute clothes with funky patterns that you can combine in tons of crazy ways.  Pair animal print pedal pushers with geometric patterned coats and some high heeled boots.  There are lots of ways to make rock star worthy outfits […]

Thumbnail image for Pirate Lolita

Pirate Lolita

Lolita is a fearless pirate who spends her days sailing the seven seas.  When she is not outwitting other pirates, making merriment, or avoiding the law, you can find her playing dress up in her quarters.  Find a swashbuckling outfit for her as she leads her crew into untold adventure, escaping danger and living to […]

Thumbnail image for Mermaid Wedding

Mermaid Wedding

You are invited to a mermaid wedding!  Mermaid weddings are not quite the same as human weddings so you are very excited.  Come look at all the beautiful mermaid wedding fashion when you play this game.  Help the bride choose a beautiful ensemble for her big day!  Click on the tabs to see all of […]

Thumbnail image for Meet My Unicorn

Meet My Unicorn

Princess Elizabeth’s birthday present from her godmother is pretty unique.  It’s a unicorn!  Have you ever met a unicorn?  Would you like to?  Come play dress up with Princess Elizabeth and her amazing unicorn.  Use your mouse to change colors and styles or add jewelry and other accessories.  There are only about a million different […]

Thumbnail image for Aristocratic Kid Dressup

Aristocratic Kid Dressup

After spending the winter away at boarding school, this young aristocrat has returned home for summer.  Come play dress up on her family’s estate while drinking tea and eating crumpets.  She is ever so sweet and would love to have you as her best friend all summer long.  Drag and drop each item to try […]

Thumbnail image for Anime X-mas Girl

Anime X-mas Girl

You can design tons of fun Anime X-mas girls when you play this game.  You could even save them and print them out to use as unique X-mas cards for your friends and family!  Use your mouse to combine different hairstyles and facial expressions with cool outfits.  There are so many options your head might […]