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Imagine: Fashion Designer World Tour

After making a name for yourself as a fashion designer in New York City, you decided to go global!   In this exciting game, you can travel the world doing fashion shows.  To play, click to pick the city, click to choose three models and then click to dress and style them.  Get feedback and use […]

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Yingbaobao Gas Station

Yingbaobao is back and this time she is running a gas station!  She is so busy that she needs your help serving all of her customers.  To serve someone, first click on their car then click on a gas pump.  Once they are at the pump, click on them again to start filling their tank.  […]

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Dress Up Rush

Dress Up Rush is an exciting boutique game where you can build a shopping empire!  Serve customers, upgrade your shop and create a wonderful shopping experience.  Use your mouse to play, clicking items to pick them up and give them to the right customer.  Ring them up and keep your store clean to keep the […]

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Identical Twins II

Can you find the twins? They have the exact same hairdo and wear the exact same clothes.  Pick them out from the crowd!  When you spot a pair, click on one person first so that they raise their arms then click on their twin.  There are ten fun levels and each one has a time […]

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Get It In

Play a fun international dress up game that will test your memory and sense of style.  You will be shown an outfit for a few moments and then given thirty seconds to recreate it from memory.  It’s pretty fun and one of the hardest memory games I have ever played.  However, you can also just […]

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Funny Pencil Dress Up

You can dress up your puppy, you can dress up your teddy bear, and now you can dress up your pencil.  This silly game will make everyone laugh a little bit because it is just so darn goofy.  Dress up your pencil by clicking on the menu buttons in each category.   You will not […]

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Heroine Creator

Where do all the cool creatures in fantasy movies, games, and books come from?  From someone’s imagination.  Use your imagination to create a horde of fantasy heroines in this fun dress up game.  You can control everything from the shape of their ears to the color of their gear.  It is a fun and imaginative […]

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Key To Heart

Are you looking for a dress up game filled with tons of cute clothes and lots of fun challenges?  Then look no further.  This game is jam packed with great clothes, accessories, and shoes!  Spend hours in the free play mode, dragging and dropping items to try them on the sweet model and create bunches […]

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Make a Monster

Let’s face it, girly girls may love pretty things and playing dress up, but sometimes they also want to be silly.  Here is a silly monster designing game for those days.  Click on the menu buttons to rotate through all the different options.  You can change the head, torso, arms, and legs.  Pick a neat […]

Thumbnail image for Children’s Park Kiss

Children’s Park Kiss

There’s lots to love about this silly kissing game!  Lock lips with your first crush until you have been kissing for the required amount of time.  There’s one catch, no one can see you!  Watch the person reading the newspaper.  If he looks up, you have to stop kissing as quickly as possible.  To start […]

Thumbnail image for Care Your Sweet Cats

Care Your Sweet Cats

Your neighbor is a crazy cat lady.  She has four cats and they all eat different things, so she makes them each their favorite foods.  She has asked you to watch her cats while she goes to visit her friend for the weekend.  Can you make sure each cat gets the food it wants?  Use […]

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Sweet Bear Jigsaw Puzzle Games

Another fun jigsaw puzzle for fashion forward girls to do!  This one features a cute bear.  When you have played all the dress up games you can, switch over to a challenging and super cute puzzle.  Use your mouse to drag and drop pieces in their correct spots.  Choose more pieces to increase the difficulty.

Thumbnail image for Mrs. Smith’s Classroom Clean Up

Mrs. Smith’s Classroom Clean Up

Mrs. Smith left the classroom to make some copies.  In no time at all the kids had made a huge mess.  Can you put it all back in order before Mrs. Smith returns?  Use your mouse to click and drag each item to the correct place.  The question mark at the bottom of the game […]

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Charming Girls 3

Perfect your flirting skills when you play this fun game.  Use your mouse to compete against other girls to flirt with and captivate the most handsome boys.  Earn cash and special items to make you an even better flirter.  There are three game modes and an endless stream of cute boys waiting to be charmed […]

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Office Room

Your office is a mess!  Can you put everything where it belongs and clean before time runs out?  Sort the trash from your office supplies and make sure your pictures are straight.  The face paced music will get your mouse flying across the screen in the race against the clock.  Play again to beat your […]

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Beauty Crush

Play this fun shape matching game using your mouse.  These trendy girls have come to the store to stock up on their favorite items.  Can you help them get their stuff before time runs out?  Click on the item that matches the shape to their right and then drag it over that shape and drop […]

Thumbnail image for Cutie Baby Room  Esacpe

Cutie Baby Room Esacpe

Put your riddle solving know how to the test when you play this escape game.  Search the room for hidden objects and solve puzzles to unlock the door to freedom.  Play using your mouse.  Just click on objects to investigate and arrows to move around the room.  Arrows only appear when your cursor is on […]

Thumbnail image for Funnyface


Giggle yourself silly when you play with this dude’s face.  Pull and push it into all kinds of funny shapes using your mouse and the left click.  Then, just when you thought it couldn’t get funnier, hit the animation button and watch your creation go from weird to normal and back again.  Hit the reset […]