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Yummy Hamburger

Hamburgers are sooooooo delicious!  I could eat a million hamburgers every day and never get bored.  Pickles, onions, mustard, ketchup, cheese, and tomatoes are just a few things you can put on a burger.  Design a tasty looking hamburger of your very own when you play this fun food game.  Click on the menu buttons […]

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Yummy Turkey

Emily is very passionate about the culinary arts and she likes to try fancy recipes. She wants to prepare a delicious dinner for her family and impress them with a yummy turkey. Help her decorate the turkey on a fancy plate by adding vegetables, sauce, spices, extra meat and a glass of juice. Presentation is […]

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Bride Cake Decorating

Design lots of delicious wedding cakes when you play this tasty game.  With each step add another layer to your cake until it has been decorated to perfection!  Use your mouse to click on each option and pick your favorite.  Move on to the next step or return to the previous one by clicking on […]

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Lasagna Deco

Welcome to the our wonderful restaurant.  We specialize in lots of homemade Italian dishes but our most famous is our lasagna.  In this fun game, use your mouse to build your very own lasagna dishes that will amaze our customers.  Combine different sauces, cheeses, and garnishes to make lots of unique and delicious styles of […]

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Ice Cream Sundae

Are you an ice cream lover?  Here is a game for anyone who thinks about ice cream all day and all night.  Build a scrumptious sundae complete with sprinkles and whipped cream and cherries on top!  Compliment each sundae with a side dish like popcorn or a doughnut…the deliciousness will never end when you play […]

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Fruit Ice Cream Challenge

Jenny is very particular about her ice cream.  Can you make her the exact ice cream cone she wants?  I bet you can.  All you have to do is remember that Jenny does not like to mix and match flavors.  If she wants a chocolate ice cream cone it has got to be chocolate through […]

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Tall Wedding Cake

Some girls dream about the man they will marry, other girls dream about the pretty dress they will wear, and some girls dream about the cake they will eat!  Are you one of the cake girls?  If so, you should totally play this game.  Build a wedding cake that will make you want to eat […]

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Fried Chicken

In this game, have fun making a delicious meal of fried chicken. If you follow the instructions correctly, your chicken will be delicious! Use your mouse to complete each task. When you’re finished, you’ll get a score based on how well you followed the directions. Who said cooking wasn’t fun? Give it a try!

Thumbnail image for Egg Chocolate Decoration

Egg Chocolate Decoration

Bet you’ve never seen a chocolate egg like this one! Dress up and customize this chocolate egg and make him look however you’d like! Browse through the different categories and items and pick out your favorite features. Not only is this egg tasty, but adorable as well! Dress up as many eggs as you want!

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Fluffy Cake Doughnut

Nothing beats a homemade donut, and in this game you can learn how to make them! Follow the instructions carefully and you’ll be a pro at making delicious digital donuts. Use your mouse to complete the recipe by adding ingredients, stirring, and more. If only you could make these in real life!

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Kids Sweet Colorful Cupcake

Who doesn’t love cupcakes!? In this game, you get to create and design your own cupcakes! You can make each and every cupcake look however you want. Use as many decorations, frostings, and fruits as you want! These delicious cupcakes will look great when you’re done with them. Use your mouse to pick out decorations […]

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Basic Tomato Recipe

Make your famous tomato sauce recipe for your family. There is a huge family reunion & you’ve been asked to prepare some! Follow the directions carefully to make the perfect sauce. Everyone loves your sauce, and they’re all looking forward to it, so make sure you make it perfectly! After you’re done, you’ll get a […]

Thumbnail image for Happy Cupcake Maker

Happy Cupcake Maker

You can now make your very own virtual cupcakes! Customize your cupcake to look however you want! Choose a flavor, frosting, and many toppings to go on your cupcakes. Everyone loves your cupcakes because each one is unique and original. Make as many cupcakes as you want! There are endless combinations and plenty of options […]

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Nancy’s Deluxe Pizza

Today, Nancy is going to help you create your very own deluxe pizza! Nancy loves cooking and she is known for her delicious pizzas. Pick the pizza you want to make, and get cooking! Follow the instructions carefully to make your pizza. If you follow them perfectly, your pizza will be perfect and delicious! If […]

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Fruitcake Maker

Create and customize your very own fruitcake! Add any toppings and decorations that you want. Everyone will love your fruitcake because of the way you decorated it! Decorate it however you want using the mouse to choose a category. After you choose a category, pick your favorite topping in the category. Once you’ve added all […]

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Halloween Pumpkin Bread Cooking

Today, Jane is going to teach you how to make her famous pumpkin bread! Follow her instructions carefully and it will turn out perfect. You are making this pumpkin bread for your Halloween party, so it has to taste great! It will taste great if you do exactly as Jane says. Use your mouse to […]

Thumbnail image for Whole Wheat Brown Bread

Whole Wheat Brown Bread

Today you will be learning how to make whole wheat bread! This delicious recipe has been passed down for generations in your family. You need to learn how to make it as well as the rest of your family does! Follow each of the instructions carefully. There will be a hand showing you what you […]

Thumbnail image for Wedding Cake Decoration Party

Wedding Cake Decoration Party

Welcome to the wedding cake decoration party! At this party you can decorate as many cakes as you want. In the left hand box, there will be a few different options to choose from that will help you customize your cake. Click on the right arrow button to open a new set of options once […]