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Home Made Cake Decor

Make a cake as delicious as you can.  First choose the cake that you like best.  Then click to add colorful icings, decorations and more.  Design a festive birthday cake or a Valentine’s Day surprise, the choice is yours and the possibilities are endless!

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Pizza By The Slice

At Patty’s Pizza by the Slice, each piece of pizza is a work of art and made to order.  Design some scrumptious looking pizza slices when you play this fun food game.  Click on the tabs along the top of the game screen to layer sauce, toppings and seasonings.  Yum, yum!

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Strawberries and Cake

One of my favorite desserts is cake with strawberries.  In this fun game you get to decorate a delicious cake and cover it with all the sprinkles, ice cream and strawberries that you want!  Click on each icon until you find the right combination of cake, frosting and toppings for your perfect dessert!

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Mexican Taco Pie

Mexican food is our favorite cuisine in the whole world, so today we will make Mexican Taco Pie.  First we must go to the grocery store and buy everything on our shopping list.  Then we can make a yummy filling and bake our taco pie to perfection.  Use your mouse to follow the recipe then […]

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Chicken Cheese Pizza

Pizza has become a world wide favorite food for everyone.  So we decided to learn how to make pizza.  The recipe we will be making today is call Chicken Cheese Pizza and it looks delicious!  Use your mouse to follow along and make a tasty pizza for your friends and family!

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My Sweet Wedding Cake

A romantic and sweet wedding is the dream of every young girl.  Use your mouse to decorate a beautiful cake to create an atmosphere of romance and sweetness.  There are two tiers to decorate with icing, flowers, and a bride and groom.  Click on category tabs to pick your favorite combinations and design the perfect […]

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Pineapple Cake

Learn how to make a delicious pineapple cake right now!  Use your mouse to follow the recipe, mix the batter, and bake a tasty cake all by yourself.  Plus, no one has to do the dishes when you are finished.  Also, baking is a great way to learn how to measure ingredients and follow instructions.  […]

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Chocolate Fondant Story

Play a cooking game that requires no cooking and no messy clean up!  Does this sound too good to be true?  The object of this game is to combine the list of ingredients as fast as you can.  Drag and drop each ingredient, in order, into the mixing bowl.  No cooking, no cleaning.  Play again […]

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Coffee Time Decoration

Let’s set the table for coffee!  It will be such a lovely way to spend the afternoon.  We can invite our friends over, eat some tasty cookies, and chat about everything under the sun.  Prepare the table by picking your favorite items from each category.  Click on the coffeepot in the upper left of the […]

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Cake Shop Decoration

Ms. Tira Misu has just opened a wonderful little cake shop and business is booming!  Now that she has some extra money, she has hired you to decorate the inside of her shop.  Your job is to pick a new display case and display some of her tasty treats in an appealing way so that […]

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Cute Snowman Cookies

Nothing is tastier or makes a better gift than home made cookies.  Join us in the kitchen for this fun baking and decorating game.  Use your mouse to follow the prompts.  First make the dough and then bake the cookies.  For the last part, you have to decorate the snowmen.  Cover them with frosting and […]

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Ornate Wedding Cake

Pretend that you are a famous wedding cake designer.  Lots of excited couples come to your cake shop in search of their perfect wedding cake.  Everyday you make ready to buy cakes for last minute shoppers and fill orders for upcoming events.  Use your mouse to design all the cakes you need for the day.  […]

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Elina Cooks Pumpkin Pasta

Your good friend Elina loves to cook and she has invited you to her house for dinner.  Tonight she will be preparing a tasty pumpkin pasta dish.  It is her own recipe and she has offered to teach you how to make it.  Follow her instructions and use your mouse to prepare the pasta and […]

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Zara Birthday Cake Decoration

Hip, Hip, Hooray!  It is Zara’s birthday and we all get to help design a special birthday cake for her big day.  You can choose the cake, the frosting, the sprinkles, and so much more.  Click on the icons on the left side of the game screen to see all the different delicious combinations.  Pick […]

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Yammy Strawberry Pie

Welcome to The Yammy Pie Palace.  We specialize in unique, made to order pies.  This month’s special is strawberry pies!  Come in and design one today.  We have all the stuff you need to build your dream pie.  Choose from our large assortment of crusts and fillings, icings and sprinkles.   Choose a plate on which […]

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Yummy Pizza Slice

There’s an artist in every one of us.  Tap into the creative energy you possess and design pizzas that will excite the taste buds and dazzle the eye!  Each pizza is as unique and delicious as a snowflake.  Use your mouse to combine different crusts, sauces, and toppings to make magical slices that will have […]

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Sweety Sunday Cake

Cake is the best dessert! In this game you are the executive baker in charge of making delicious cake treats for your friends and family.  Your mouse becomes a magical spatula that you can use to create lots of unique and tasty cakes.  Print out your favorites or just play over and over until you […]

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Great Chef Dress Up

This talented young chef likes to look her best for work.  She takes pride in serving healthy and delicious food to her guests.  It is important that her clothes and hair look good so that she doesn’t gross anyone out.  Pick an outfit for her to wear to work using your mouse.  Just drag and […]