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Wind And Sun Dress

Play this magical dress up game and choose dresses inspired by the elements.  Dress our lovely goddess in something that captures her true beauty.  Drag and drop the dresses and accessories creating wonderful combinations, fit for a goddess to wear.

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Cute Butterfly Fairy

The Fairy Queen of the Butterflies is no bigger than a butterfly herself and cute as a button.  Come play dress up with her before she flutters off with her butterfly friends.  Drag and drop each item to try it on creating lots of playful and sweet outfits for her to wear on her adventures.  […]

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The Prettiest Mermaid

In the deep and mysterious ocean, there is a little glitter pearl.  It is a magical pearl and when the moon shines on the ocean floor, the pearl becomes a beautiful mermaid.  The beautiful mermaid of the pearl needs your help to dress up because she has never had to do it before.  Can you […]

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Cinderella Princess

Have you heard the story of Cinderella?  It is a very old story that has been told in many different countries in many different ways.  All of the stories are about an unfortunate young lady who wins the heart of a handsome prince.  Dress this Cinderella in a beautiful gown and transform her from a […]

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Heroine Creator

Where do all the cool creatures in fantasy movies, games, and books come from?  From someone’s imagination.  Use your imagination to create a horde of fantasy heroines in this fun dress up game.  You can control everything from the shape of their ears to the color of their gear.  It is a fun and imaginative […]

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Stella Fairy Dress

Stella comes to us this time as a beautiful fairy.  Sometimes she frolics in enchanted woods and sometimes she goes to fancy fairy parties.  Which would you like to dress her up for?  Pick a suitable dress for each activity and give her all the pretty accessories you can.  You can even change her hair […]

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Little Fairy Dress Up

A beautiful collection of Little Fairy Dresses is about to amaze you in this cool dress up game. Can you help this little fairy pick out something to wear today?  She has so many cute clothes and accessories that she has a hard time choosing what to wear.  Have fun choosing your favorite outfit! Use […]

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Water Fairy

Water fairies float on the surface of serene lakes and dip below the surface when they want to hide from humans.  Today is your lucky day because after getting lost in an enchanted wood, you met a friendly water fairy.  She has invited you to play dress up with her for a little bit before […]

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My Endearing Angel

We love angels and we want to meet them in reality.   Some people say that they are all around us, but we just can’t see them.  However, this angel is different.   She is indeed a cute and lovely girl.  Do you want to meet her and have fun with her?  You can play a […]

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Tinkerbell Dressup

Tinkerbell is one of the most famous fairies in the world.  Lately, she has been busy developing a line of fairy clothing and accessories.  She has asked all the young ladies of the world to play this fun dress up game and pick out your favorite outfits.  That way she knows which ones to put […]

Thumbnail image for Charming Spring Fairy

Charming Spring Fairy

Fall in love with forests and all of the magical creatures that inhabit them.  This spring fairy is looking for a young lady to play dress up with.  Would you like to be that lady?  She has masses of cute clothes and tons of time to try them on with you.  Come join her and […]

Angel Of The Night

This cute angel is guarding the peace of the night. It is her sworn duty to protect the realm from sun down to sun up.  She is so busy with her job, that she never has the time to pick cute outfits to wear.  Help her choose some outfits for work this week. Scroll through […]

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Fairy Dress Up

Fairies make fantastic fashion companions.  They have a delicate and pretty style that makes trying on their clothes a lot of fun.  Dress this fairy in all of her finery when you play this great game.  Drag and drop the items you like best.  Mix and match to make lots of cute outfits.  Fairy friends […]

Thumbnail image for Flower Fairy Dressup

Flower Fairy Dressup

This beautiful fairy is going to the Summer Ball at the Fairy Queen’s castle.  All the magical creatures of the forest will be there and it is always a fun time at the Queen’s castle.  Help our Flower Fairy find an outfit to wear to the special event.  Everyone knows that you can’t just wear […]

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Sparkle Fairy Dressup

Little Sparkle Fairies have the hardest time picking their outfits.  They have lots of cute clothes, shoes, and wands so that is problem number one.  Then they have the magic too, so they can easily change their hair, eye color, wings, just about everything!  Use your magic wand (the mouse) to help this sweet fairy […]

Thumbnail image for Queen Bloom

Queen Bloom

Queen Bloom is throwing the fanciest ball in all of the kingdom.  She has spent months decorating her ball room and preparing a guest list.  She has been so busy she has not had time to pick her ball gown.  Will you help her find a beautiful outfit to wear to the ball?  She has […]

Thumbnail image for Green Fairy

Green Fairy

Can you guess what color the Green Fairy loves?  I’ll give you a hint, it is my favorite color too.  Still stumped?  It is green, silly!  Shower this fairy in a slew of green outfits that she will adore.  To try different things on click on the buttons in each category.  There are lots of […]

Thumbnail image for Fairy Dress Up

Fairy Dress Up

Believe it or not, fairies like to dress up too! Pick out a cute outfit for this enchanting fairy to wear today. Browse through dresses, shirts, skirts, and more until you’ve found your favorite outfit. Don’t forget to add matching accessories! No outfit is complete without shoes and accessories to match. This fairy really enjoys […]