Thumbnail image for Doll Makeover

Doll Makeover

Your parents finally bought you the doll you’ve been wanting for your birthday! You can give this doll as many makeovers as you want. Change her makeup, add nail polish, and much more in this game! Have fun with your new doll. Click and drag the makeup and put it where it belongs on her […]

Thumbnail image for Barbie Goes Racing

Barbie Goes Racing

Barbie loves racing cars. Today she will be tearing up a track in the southern Rockies.  It is a proven fact that the better you look, the faster you drive so you need to help her pick the fastest outfit she’s got.  Drag and drop your favorite items to get her ready for the big […]

Thumbnail image for I Heart Teddy

I Heart Teddy

Teddy is your favorite toy.  You can spend hours dressing him up to go on lots of adventures.  Today you will find an outfit for Teddy and yourself before you spend a fun filled day at the park.  Look through your wardrobe and click on the items you see to try them on.  There are […]

Thumbnail image for Popo’s Dress Up

Popo’s Dress Up

Let me introduce you to Popo the polar bear.  He is from Greenland and needs your help picking warm winter clothes and finding a delicious fish for dinner.  If you can find a fish for him, then you will get a special surprise.  Use your mouse to find a roasty toasty outfit for Popo and […]

Thumbnail image for Barbie School Makeover

Barbie School Makeover

Barbie loves school and she loves getting ready to go back to school.  She has lots of fun shopping for totally new outfits and even takes a quick trip to the beauty salon so that she can look her best on the first day back!  Help Barbie get ready when you play this fun game.  […]

Thumbnail image for Barbie Goes Surfing

Barbie Goes Surfing

Surfing is one Barbie’s favorite hobbies. What will she wear today while catching some waves and being rad? Try on various bikinis, swimsuits, rash guards, and skirts. And don’t forget to choose a nice matching surfboard! Drag and drop the items to put them on.  With your help, she’ll be ready for her surfing date […]

Thumbnail image for Darky Night Gothic Dress Up

Darky Night Gothic Dress Up

Have fun dressing up this gothic doll. Browse through the different clothing, accessories, shoes, and more. Dress your doll in your favorite items to give her a unique look made by you! There are endless possibilities and plenty of interesting items that will help you create your very own gothic doll. Customize everything you can […]

Thumbnail image for Draw My Barbie

Draw My Barbie

Play this simple connect-the-dots game and discover a picture of Barbie! Uncover Barbie’s face by tracing around the paper in the right order. Use your mouse to click on the dots in order starting with 1 and ending with 31. When you’re done, you can print it out, or erase it and start over! If […]

Thumbnail image for Paper Doll Dress Up

Paper Doll Dress Up

The best thing about this cute paper doll girl is that you can dress her as many times as you want! Pick out cute outfits to dress this paper doll in. You can add as many accessories or other items as you want! Click and drag the clothing pieces you want onto the doll to […]

Thumbnail image for Cute Barbie Dress Up

Cute Barbie Dress Up

Dress this fairy tale barbie up any way you like! She has plenty of different clothes and accessories for you to choose from. You can create any type of look you want for this barbie! She loves all kinds of different clothes. Try on all the clothes and accessories and pick your favorites. You can […]

Thumbnail image for Doll House Tea Party

Doll House Tea Party

You have been invited to an exclusive doll house tea party! This is a long awaited tea party that everyone is excited for. Tea and snacks will be served all day long! Dress your two favorite dolls for the party. They’re really excited so they want to look adorable! Can you find the perfect outfits […]

Thumbnail image for Wonderland Avatar Creator

Wonderland Avatar Creator

Now is your chance to get creative and create your very own Wonderland character!  You can completely customize her. You can pick out her hair, makeup, skin tone, clothes, shoes & more! Once you pick out her clothes, you can color them in any colors you want! When you’re done, play again to create a […]

Thumbnail image for Geisha Girl Dress Up

Geisha Girl Dress Up

Dress this beautiful asian dolly up! She has a few robes and dresses to choose from. Be sure to do her hair as well!

Thumbnail image for Bright Doll Face Makeover 2

Bright Doll Face Makeover 2

Do you love giving makeovers? Good! This doll needs a makeover and has asked you to do it!

Thumbnail image for Bratz Girl Dress Up

Bratz Girl Dress Up

This Bratz girl is a cheerleader! Pick out her uniform for the whole team to wear. Since she’s captain, she is allowing you to pick what looks best for the team.

Thumbnail image for Little Baby Doll

Little Baby Doll

This is your new baby doll! Dress her up as cute as you can. She has lots of clothes to choose from!

Thumbnail image for ChaZie’s Fashion Fun

ChaZie’s Fashion Fun

Dress up ChaZie in many different outfits and accessories. When you are done you can save her as your wall paper or print her out. You can choose from many different hair, outfits, and accessories.

Thumbnail image for Alia Doll Dress Up

Alia Doll Dress Up

Let’s get Alia all dressed up.  Start with a new ‘do then put together a cute outfit then accessorize it.  A scarf or a bag? A great belt or fab earrings?  Every choice is your when you play Alia Doll Dress Up!