Thumbnail image for Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

You don’t have to wait for Christmas to decorate your tree!  Play Merry Christmas whenever you want to feel the Christmas spirit.  There are garlands and snow effects that you can turn on and off as well as tons of ornaments and tree toppers to drag and drop into place.  There’s so much to choose […]

Thumbnail image for Teddy Summer Dress-up

Teddy Summer Dress-up

What will Teddy wear to the beach today?  You decide when you play this cute and funny game.  There are five categories to play with and create a fun beach look for Teddy.  How about a little bling for his neck, a pair of swim trunks and a goofy hat?  Or maybe a snorkeling mask […]

Thumbnail image for Underwater Decoration

Underwater Decoration

Wow! Do you see this wonderful underwater world? The king of the seas, found an empty place in the sea.  He wants to fill it up with great underwater objects and he has chosen you to be the decorator!   Use your mouse to make a magical place with rocks, plants, animals, and more.

Thumbnail image for Red and Black Party

Red and Black Party

Tanya is throwing a party tonight but she still has to get ready!  Will you be so sweet and help her with all of the last minute details?  The theme is “Red and Black”, so everything should be either red or black.  Help her pick an outfit and decorate her apartment so that all of […]

Thumbnail image for Cake Shop Decoration

Cake Shop Decoration

Ms. Tira Misu has just opened a wonderful little cake shop and business is booming!  Now that she has some extra money, she has hired you to decorate the inside of her shop.  Your job is to pick a new display case and display some of her tasty treats in an appealing way so that […]

Thumbnail image for My Lovely Home

My Lovely Home

Girls, for the new year I want to bring a new atmosphere to my home. So I decide to redecorate!  Isn’t that so exciting!?  You can help me design my new look by playing this game.  I’m going to need some new furniture, some artwork, and probably all new lighting.  Pick your favorite items so […]

Thumbnail image for Guest House Decoration

Guest House Decoration

You are building a guest house behind your home.  It has been so much fun designing your dream guest house and there are still a few more choices to make in order to finish it.  Choose the style of windows, roof, and door that you like best.  Add a chimney if you like and an […]

Thumbnail image for Design Bathroom Prototype

Design Bathroom Prototype

People spend A LOT of time in the bathroom and it only gets worse as you get older!  So they should have splendid bathrooms with heated floors and all the amenities.  We need you to help us design the perfect bathroom.  Your prototype will be used to influence bathroom design around the world.  It is […]

Thumbnail image for Dining Table Decoration

Dining Table Decoration

Pretend you are having a friend over for dinner.  In this game, you get choose how your table will look.  Pick a table cloth, chairs, and a centerpiece by clicking on the menu buttons.  Choose the beverages you will serve and put some food on the table for your guest to enjoy.  Your table is […]

Thumbnail image for Lovely Room Decoration

Lovely Room Decoration

Imagine that you are an interior designer.  You have been hired by a fabulously wealthy couple to give their sun room a makeover.  Choose a new couch and table.  Paint the room and even change the door.  There are lots of great combinations and you have a knack for picking the best ones.  Use your […]

Thumbnail image for Pony Hairstylist

Pony Hairstylist

Wanted:  stylist with pony grooming experience.  Will you take the job?  Style ponies all day long and well into the night with this fun game.  Use your magic wand (some people call it a mouse) to wash, rinse, and style these pampered ponies.  Save your cutest creations to put in your portfolio.  This could be […]

Thumbnail image for Flora Bedroom

Flora Bedroom

Flora has just bought a whole bunch of new furniture for her bedroom.  Where will she put everything?  She needs the help of someone clever to help her design the perfect room.  Somewhere she can spend hours getting dressed up, doing make up, and staying up to date on all the latest fashion gossip.  Join […]

Thumbnail image for Valentine Date Decoration

Valentine Date Decoration

It’s that time of year again, and you throw the best Valentine’s Day party in town! Everyone is excited for your party this year, so make it better than ever! Design and decorate the party room. Remember, the theme is Valentine’s Day, so use as many decorations as possible. Pick out all your favorite items […]

Thumbnail image for Flower Decoration

Flower Decoration

This was once an old beat up room, but the people who owned it wanted it redecorated. They got tired of the same decorations, but they needed someone to help them redecorate. You have been hired to redecorate this room! The people who hired you want it to be flower-themed. Use your mouse to click […]

Thumbnail image for The Decorator

The Decorator

You’ve been hired as a decorator for Sophia. Sophia was tired of her room and now she wants you to help her redecorate it! Organize all the furniture in the room for her however you like. She doesn’t care what you do, as long as it looks good! Help Sophia get the room of her […]

Thumbnail image for Toto House Design

Toto House Design

Toto invites you to decorate and design his house! This is a great opportunity. Help him get his house ready for his family to move it. Make it look as pretty as you can!

Thumbnail image for Princess Room Decoration

Princess Room Decoration

Decorate this princess room. Since it’s fit for a princess, it needs to look perfect. Will you help decorate the room?

Thumbnail image for Decorate the Living Room

Decorate the Living Room

Decorate this living room for the family that is about to move in. They hired you to decorate it because you’re known for your amazing interior design skills! Please help them out so they can get settled.