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Versace Gown

Timony has scored an invitation to the Oscars!  She is very excited to dress up in a fancy gown and rub elbows with famous movie stars!  Help her find the right gown for the evening.  Select your favorite dress and accessorize it by clicking on the buttons for each category.

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Hanna Montana Dressup

Miley Stewart is getting ready to preform as Hanna Montana to a huge audience.  Tonight she is having a hard time deciding what to wear for the show.  Normally she gets a little help from her friend Lilly but there is no time!  Can you help her right now?  Drag and drop items from her […]

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Glenn the Actress Dressup

Join us on the red carpet as Glenn makes an appearance at the world premier of her newest movie.  You can play fashion stylist to the stars whenever you play this game.  There are some really outrageous dresses and accessories from which to choose.  Click and drag to try on each item.  You can dress […]

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Christina Dressup

Christina is  famous performer with a closet to match.  Get her ready for her next big event by choosing her outfit.  Will she be singing and dancing for a large audience?  Will she be attending an awards show?  You decide and dress her accordingly.  Drag and drop items to try them on and pick your […]

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Movie Premiere Gowns Dress Up

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to a fancy Hollywood movie premier?  Well, you can pretend that you are going to one and that you have a bunch of beautiful gowns to choose from.  Use your mouse to drag and drop the different hairstyles, gowns, and accessories on our model […]

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My Celebrity Dream

This hot young celebrity is getting ready to do some serious shopping.  Help her select an outfit and a hairstyle before she hits the stores.  She will want to look her best in case the paparazzi follow her and snap some photos.  Use you mouse to try on different dresses, skirts, and tops then finish […]

Thumbnail image for Celebrity Dress Up 2

Celebrity Dress Up 2

Dress this superstar up for his day out. As a celebrity, you need to look great every day because the paparazzi are always following you! This celebrity has hired you as their stylist and they need you to pick out an outfit for them each day. Pick out clothes, shoes, accessories, and much more. You […]

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Italian Actress Dress Up

This famous Italian actress is going to be on the red carpet tonight! There are going to be a lot of people to impress and a lot of paparazzi. Since you’re her stylist, it’s your job to make sure she looks perfect! Pick out an outfit for the actress to wear. Include shoes and accessories […]

Thumbnail image for Pop-stars Fashion

Pop-stars Fashion

Popstars have a busy schedule, so they don’t always have time to pick out their outfits. Help this popstar out and pick out her outfit. You can pick out anything from casual to fabulous, it’s your choice! She loves everything you pick out for her and she trusts your taste. You can even pick out […]

Thumbnail image for Taylor Dress Up

Taylor Dress Up

Taylor Swift’s huge concert is tonight! As her stylist, dress her in the outfit that she’ll be wearing tonight on stage! Make her look fabulous and beautiful. Browse through Taylor’s wardrobe and pick your favorite clothes and accessories that you think Taylor would look good in. This is a huge night for her and she […]

Thumbnail image for Emma Dress Up

Emma Dress Up

Dress Emma up for her big event tonight! She’s going to be on the red carpet, so she needs to look flawless! Pick out a flashy outfit for her to wear during her appearance. Be sure to pick out shoes and accessories to match her outfit. She loves dressing up and she could never have […]

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Celebrity Girl Makeover

Have you ever wanted to give a celebrity a makeover? Now is your chance! You are a hot new celebrity make up artist! Give this celebrity a makeover for her premier next weekend. Choose accessories, clothes and more for her to wear. Plan everything out so that she looks flawless on the red carpet! Your […]

Thumbnail image for Vanessa Dress Up

Vanessa Dress Up

Vanessa is a super star! She is currently touring around the world. Help her pick out a few outfits to tour in. She needs to look beautiful in concert! Pick out a couple of your favorite outfits and add accessories and shoes to each one. She’ll wear these outfits while she preforms! Everyone will love […]

Thumbnail image for Henry Russo Dress Up

Henry Russo Dress Up

Dress up Henry Russo for his red carpet appearance! He has an event planned tonight and he must get ready for the red carpet. At the red carpet, a lot of pictures are taken by paparazzi. He has hired you to help him pick out an outfit for the event. Make sure he looks fashionable, […]

Thumbnail image for Lea Makeover

Lea Makeover

Lea is a talented actress and she is going to a huge event. When she shows up at the event, she wants to look totally different. Help her achieve a whole new look by doing her makeup, hair, and picking out an outfit for her to wear on the red carpet. People will be shocked […]

Thumbnail image for Popstar Fashion

Popstar Fashion

This rising pop star is becoming famous in many countries! She loves preforming and touring around the world. You’re her stylist. As her stylist, you pick out her outfits for shows and events. Right now, she’s on her first tour! This tour is very important to her so find the perfect outfit for her to […]

Thumbnail image for William Worth Dress Up

William Worth Dress Up

This famous new actor is getting ready for his movie’s premiere. He is running really late because he accidentally slept in! Help William get ready for his big event before its too late! Do his hair and pick out an outfit for him to wear. You’re the towns most trusted stylist, so that’s why he […]

Thumbnail image for Gabby Nessa Dress Up

Gabby Nessa Dress Up

Dress this celebrity for the red carpet! Gabby is a hot new actress that everybody loves! She’s going on the red carpet tonight but has asked for your help. She wants you to plan her outfit for her! Give her a makeover and help her look more beautiful than ever. Do her makeup, hair, and […]