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Merry Christmas

You don’t have to wait for Christmas to decorate your tree!  Play Merry Christmas whenever you want to feel the Christmas spirit.  There are garlands and snow effects that you can turn on and off as well as tons of ornaments and tree toppers to drag and drop into place.  There’s so much to choose […]

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Imagine: Fashion Designer World Tour

After making a name for yourself as a fashion designer in New York City, you decided to go global!   In this exciting game, you can travel the world doing fashion shows.  To play, click to pick the city, click to choose three models and then click to dress and style them.  Get feedback and use […]

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Anime Character Generator

If you have a big imagination, then here is a useful tool to help you create tons of female anime-themed characters. Click on buttons in each category to play with all the fun posibilities!  There are different hair styles, clothes and accessories as well as the ability to adjust colors for each one.  Try it […]

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Yingbaobao Gas Station

Yingbaobao is back and this time she is running a gas station!  She is so busy that she needs your help serving all of her customers.  To serve someone, first click on their car then click on a gas pump.  Once they are at the pump, click on them again to start filling their tank.  […]

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Makeup Mania

Do you love a makeup challenge?  Play Makeup Mania where you will work with the fabulous Mario, duplicating styles and making the customers happy.  To start, you will be shown a picture for a few seconds.  Then you will use your mouse to recreate the look as best you can.  Play three rounds:  a manicure […]

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Fashion Star

Fashion Star is a dress up game where you can impress the judges with your style choices!  Using the mouse, click-and-drag pieces of clothing to the model to dress her.  There are five different models and two fun game modes to choose from as well as oodles of great clothes to play with.  Unleash the […]

Thumbnail image for Bliinky Christmas Dressup

Bliinky Christmas Dressup

Pile on the warm and festive clothing and keep Bliinky stylish this Christmas season!  Click and drag items to create a whole bunch of great holiday looks.  There are cute jackets, patterned leggings and warm sweaters perfect for the chilly days of winter!

Thumbnail image for Bliinky Shopping Dressup

Bliinky Shopping Dressup

Lots of clothes, hairstyles, shoes and accessories that you can choose to create different looks for Bliinky as she goes shopping.  Click and drag to mix and match her cute clothes into super stylish looks.  There’s also a hidden surprise, change her handbag to match her outfit by clicking on it!

Thumbnail image for Dress Up Rush

Dress Up Rush

Dress Up Rush is an exciting boutique game where you can build a shopping empire!  Serve customers, upgrade your shop and create a wonderful shopping experience.  Use your mouse to play, clicking items to pick them up and give them to the right customer.  Ring them up and keep your store clean to keep the […]

Thumbnail image for My Sweet 16: School Musical

My Sweet 16: School Musical

This season, your high school will be putting on lots of exciting plays and musicals!  Since you love to act, you ant to audition for each and every one.  Look the part for your auditions by going back stage and checking out the prop rooms.  In each room you will find different costumes.  Click on […]

Thumbnail image for Sea Horse

Sea Horse

Dive in to this sweet dress up game where you can design a beautiful Sea Horse.  Play with different styles of fins, lots of bright colors and fun accessories.  Just use your mouse to click on the icons and see all of the wonderful options.  Combine them to create tons of beautiful and unique sea […]

Thumbnail image for New York Girl Beauty Makeover

New York Girl Beauty Makeover

See what’s happening on the streets of New York City when you play this fashion makeover game.  Start with a full facial, some makeup artistry and then choose a spectacular outfit.  Use your mouse to play, picking your favorites, adjusting colors and designing the ultimate NYC look!

Thumbnail image for Gothic Girl Dress Up Game

Gothic Girl Dress Up Game

Let your imagination run wild in this gothic style dress up game.  The possibilities are almost endless because you can combine style elements as well as pick colors and patterns!  Each numbered menu is full of stuff from facial expressions and hair to bustles and corsets.  See what wonderful things you can make when you […]

Thumbnail image for Amazing Seaside Wedding

Amazing Seaside Wedding

The beautiful girl we have here is going to have such a wonderful experience because right now she is getting ready for her amazing seaside wedding!  Let’s give her a helping hand!  First of all she will need a profound facial treatment, then you can do her makeup and then pick a dress.   Use the […]

Thumbnail image for Marriage Proposal

Marriage Proposal

Every girl dreams about that moment.  When someone you love puts a ring on your finger and asks you to be with them for the rest of their life.  It is such a romantic time and in this great dress up game, you can be a part of the romance.  You can pick a stylish […]

Thumbnail image for Emo Evil

Emo Evil

This is emo style with an edge!  Click on the different categories and choose your favorite dress and matching accessories.  There are colorful hairstyles, wicked jewelry and awesome shoes.  Make our evil emo princess look great!

Thumbnail image for Home Made Cake Decor

Home Made Cake Decor

Make a cake as delicious as you can.  First choose the cake that you like best.  Then click to add colorful icings, decorations and more.  Design a festive birthday cake or a Valentine’s Day surprise, the choice is yours and the possibilities are endless!

Thumbnail image for SteamPunk


Georgia loves steampunk fashion.  She has decided to take part in the steampunk competition to be held at her school.  Can you help her find an outfit to wear that looks both old fashioned and futuristic at the same time?  Click on the tabs in each category to create an ensemble that is unique and […]